Santoshi Maa 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with police bringing Dhairya to hospital. Madhu asks him is he fine. He says yes. Inspector says once victim gives statement, it will be clear, and we will know will he go home or jail. Nurse says patient got conscious, you can meet her. Kaka says I will come. Inspector says wait, I will take her statement first and then you can meet. He tells Santoshi that he wants to ask some questions. He asks how did she get hurt. She gives her statement.

Dhairya looks on. Santoshi sees Dhairya and Madhu. Inspector thanks Santoshi. He comes out and says Santoshi said Dhairya was standing infront of her when she fell. You are lucky Dhairya. Kaka asks inspector what is he saying. Inspector says he is lucky because victim said her accident happened by her slip, Dhairya got saved. Pratap

thanks inspector. Inspector goes. Madhu says Papa you did not support us, when a stranger girl supported us. She takes Dhairya home.

Pratap asks Kaka to come. Kaka says I will stay with Santoshi. Pratap says fine, no one can explain you. He leaves. Narad comes and greets Devi Paulmi. He asks did you see how Santoshi Mata saved Santoshi’s life, its great. Devi Paulmi says so you have come here to praise her, forget her victory story and see Santoshi, I told greed will trap humans, see Santoshi is supporting lies and showing that she is greedy for money, what will you say this, this is my victory. Narad smiles. She gets angry and says I think you don’t agree with me. He says sorry, but this is difference of perception, Santoshi did not lie, she saved someone and its good deed. She asks what he has to say. He asks her to see.

Kaka and Sanketh meet Santoshi. Santoshi asks Kaka how long will he be annoyed. Kaka asks why did she lie and saved Dhairya, every time someone supports and saves him, he gets more spoiled. She says if Kaki knows you did not take care of yourself, she will scold you. Kaka asks her not to change topic. She says I m not, I just know if human changed my punishment, then all criminal from jail would come out as Sadhu, my Dadi says person can change one mistake by changing, but forgiving makes person realize all his mistakes, if you have to get person on track, you should make him realize it, I have seen repentance in Dhairya’s eyes, even if I told truth, Dhairya would have gone to jail, the family would be hurt, you and Kaka the most, which I can’t bear. Kaka and Sanketh smile. Santoshi says maybe I m wrong in your eyes, but I did this for you and Kaki. Sanketh says Santoshi is saying right. Kaka says you won’t change Santoshi. She says yes, you say I m good the way I m. Kaka laughs and says you are very good.

Narad smiles and says see her great thoughts, she can’t see others in pain and told lie, one lie which protects a human’s life is equal to 100 truths. She says I know you want to meet Devi Santoshi, give me my message, tell her that she won in this war, but in future, something bad is going to happen. She laughs and says but not with Bhakt Santoshi. He worries and leaves.

Daksha combs Tinnu. She gets Pushpa’s call and gets shocked. She asks what, and calls out everyone. She cries and says Santoshi… Madhuri asks what happened. Daksha tells Dadi and everyone about Santoshi’s injury. They all get shocked. Daksha says she is in hospital. Dadi worries and says call them and ask how did Santoshi fall, how is she now. Daksha says she did not die, she is alive, they got her treated in big hospital. Dadi says I will go to take care of Santoshi, Daksha you also come with me.

Daksha thinks she can’t work there and starts acting that she has knee pain. Madhuri also acts same way. Daksha signs Janardhan not to go. Seshnath tells Dadi that he will come with her, Santoshi saved my life, I should help her. He signs Madhuri. Madhuri smiles. Daksha asks Janardhan to go with Seshnath and Dadi. Tinnu says Dadi, I will come along. Seshnath says yes, come with us. They all leave.

Daksha says Seshnath does not go without any greed, there is something fishy, its good Janardhan went with them, I have sent him to know the matter. Dhairya says Santoshi did this favor and acting great, I will do a favor as well. He calls doctor and asks him to do the best treatment. He ends call and says now there is no favor on me Santoshi. Riya tells Dhairya that she missed him, you did this good to not take favor from Santoshi. He says leave all this, were you annoyed with me. She says I was, not now, but be careful. He says fine and hugs her. Madhu comes there and coughs. Riya gets away from him. Madhu says I know Dhairya, you missed your trip, don’t worry, Riya who told you Dhairya talks to poor people, he was punishing Santoshi. Riya holds his hand and says yes but this happened because of Santoshi, he was in stress as he took favor from her now, it would be better if he stayed in jail for few days. Madhu asks what are you saying. Riya says I did not mean that. Dhairya says I want to be alone for some time. He goes.

Mata Santoshi thinks where did Gaumata go. Narad comes there and greets her. He says no one can understand your Leela, the way you saved Santoshi’s life, I have no words to appreciate it. Santoshi Maa says its not necessary to punish always to make person realize mistakes, sometimes other things are also needed. He says true words, and tells about Devi Paulmi’s warning that something bad will happen, but not with Santoshi.

Narad tells Devi Santoshi that Indradev is not here, who will take decision. Devi Paulmi requests Brahmadev to take the decision. Madhu says till Santoshi gets fine, she will stay here.

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