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Santoshi Maa 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Trishna landing on earth. There is storm in devlok. Dev says did any bad power enter devlok, this is worse sign. Trishna looks around and holds soil in hand. Brahmadev worries. Narad thinks Devi Paulmi did this. He says its devlok power. Brahmadev asks him to say clearly. Narad says sure, Devi Paulmi managed your workplace, I have doubt that she did something wrong. She asks what are you saying. She thinks Trishna reached earth, I arranged all things, if Santoshi Maa create a hurdle, it will not be imp.

Brahmadev asks Narad to think before saying anything, Devi Paulmi did big sacrifice, its not right to doubt her. She thanks him. She says everyone is partial, I have to pay price to be Asur kanya. Sharmili teaches yoga to Santoshi, Kaka and Kaki. Dhairya comes and sees

them. Santoshi stumbles. Sharmili holds her. Santoshi says I m fine. Dhairya scolds Santoshi for not being careful. He asks Kaka not to take Santoshi’s side. Santoshi asks him not to be angry, else she will get unwell. He shouts on her.

He makes her sit on sofa and asks why did you sit on ground. She says I was doing yoga. He scolds her. Kaki asks Dhairya to stop it now, Santoshi is pregnant. He argues. He gets Bubbly’s call and fixes meeting with client. He goes. Devi Paulmi thinks my work has got completed, Santoshi’s life will have black cloud tomorrow. She says I found a way to solve the problems, if I need any dev for help I will call him. Narad thinks to do something.

Dhairya says Bubbly said she will get Trishna. Bubbly gets Trishna and introduces to Dhairya. Devi Paulmi says now unique game will begin, there will be jealousy, hatred and anger, and aim will be Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says who is she, she looks like Devi Paulmi.

Dhairya greets Trishna and likes her. He talks to her about business. Narad says whom is Dhairya talking to. Santoshi Maa finds out her past. Trishna and Dhairya get impressed by each other. Santoshi Maa says there is no past of this woman, is she Devi Paulmi who went on earth with human avatar. Devi Paulmi says no one has such change in life. Dhairya thinks Trishna thinks like me. Trishna says business has one language, that’s profit, lets strike a deal, my money, your hardwork, and profit 50-50. He tells his company’s terms and conditions.

Madhu comes and tries to hear them. Narad asks Santoshi Maa to allow him, he will go and find Devi Paulmi. Trishna says I m finding a home, I m staying in hotel. Dhairya asks her to stay with them, its big house and there are extra rooms for guests, my family stays here, there is no issue. She says but this way…. He says we will become friends by business. She agrees to stay. He goes to make the room set. Trishna smiles and says I will stay here.

Narad goes to Devi Paulmi. She sees Trishna and Dhairya, and smiles. He says Devi Paulmi is not here, dod she go on earth, its matter of concern. He sees Devi Paulmi. Devi Paulmi says no one can stop Santoshi’s destruction now and laughs.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lord Brahmadev is clueless! Everything that goes on around him, he is totally oblivious. He is suppose to the most powerful god, he is suppose to be able to hear negative thoughts, why can’t he hears Devi Pouloumi evil scheme?
    Dhariya is just so arrogant and aggressive – coward. I can not believe how he treats his wife, she stuck with him thick and thin. It was Santoshi insight that got the sales of solar panels to where he is today. How ungrateful of a husband.

    And shame on that Sharmili! How could she? How could she cheat Santoshi like that!!

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