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Santoshi Maa 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daksha and Madhvi getting Dadi to storeroom. Dadi asks them to leave her, she knows they are cooking some plan. Daksha scolds her and says don’t create hurdle. She pushes Dadi in the storeroom. Dadi asks what are they doing. Daksha says Santoshi has got three guys together. Dadi gets shocked and scolds her for doing this sin. Madhvi says Santoshi is lucky, to get love of three husbands. They lock Dadi and leave. Dadi cries and shouts for help.

A guy stops Bittoo and asks her to help in finding his lost phone. Bittoo says I don’t have time. He says I found you educated, so I asked you to find my costly phone, others can’t know it. she agrees. He asks for her phone to call on his phone. She gives her phone and smiles. His phone rings in his pocket. He says thanks

for help. She goes. The man smiles as he got her number, he will call her daily now.

Seshnath welcomes the guests. Pandey asks why are all the rituals happening behind the house. Seshnath says you are not so modern, did you forget the traditions. Devi Paulmi attends the function dressed in a saree, and becomes a guest. She sees the people greedy and selfish, and smiles that she is in everyone’s heart. She drinks the juice and dislikes it, and thinks how does humans drink it with like.

The pandit chants mantras. Santoshi asks Daksha where is Dadi. Daksha says she is with guests, you have to stay without us, get habitual. The pandit asks them to do ghat bandhan. Daksha does ghatbandhan with the three grooms. Janardhan gets shocked and asks Daksha whats happening. Daksha takes him and says marriage is happening with three guys, I took good amount. He says this is not right, I can’t let this happen. She says this marriage will happen, go and help Seshnath.

Daksha does not let Santoshi lift the veil. Santoshi says I m not understanding anything. Daksha stops her. Tinu comes and sits with them. He brings a cactus and keeps under Daksha, and thinks now Santoshi will see that she is marrying three guys. Madhvi sends Tinu. Pandit asks bride and groom to take rounds. Daksha gets hurt by the cactus. Santoshi lifts the veil and sees Daksha. She gets shocked seeing the three grooms.

Santoshi asks Daksha whats this, marriage happens with one, why this ghatbandhan with three guys. Paulmi looks on. Daksha asks why did you lift veil. Santoshi says you screamed and I thought something happened to you, I did not know you are doing wrong with me, you think marrying three guys is right. Bua says yes, you are getting three husbands, these three will love you a lot and will make you queen, what else do you want. Santoshi says I want an ordinary simple married life, like my parents had, and aunts have, your nephews will be good, but I don’t want their love. She says I m can’t become your Draupadi.

She says I m not educated but I know such marriage is null in the Shastras too. She opens ghatbandhan. Daksha and Madhvi stop Santoshi. Santoshi says this is wrong. Santoshi asks the grooms to say anything, its wrong. She asks Guddu to explain Daksha. Janardhan comes there. She sees Janardhan and asks him to see what they are going with her. Santoshi runs and leaves the bridal dupatta. She asks him will he let this happen with her, its better to kill her. Janardhan says I did not know this, don’t worry, I will make things fine. He says I will see who does wrong with you. Daksha thinks how did he become strong.

Paulmi thinks what is this foolish man doing. Janardhan takes Santoshi. Narad, Santoshi Mata and Kandin see this. Kandin says I don’t find Paulmi’s intentions good, do something before she does wrong with Santoshi. Paulmi follows Santoshi and Janardhan. Paulmi holds Janardhan and gets inside him. Mata looks on. Janardhan leaves Santoshi’s hand. Santoshi stops and turns to see. She asks what happened. He holds her hand and takes her back to mandap. She thinks why is Janardhan taking her back. Bua tells Daksha that she will take all money back, if this marriage does not happen. Daksha says it will happen, don’t worry. They see Janardhan getting Santoshi back. Janardhan says I will break this marriage, but think about our respect in society, what about your brothers and sister. Madhvi gets puzzled and signs Daksha.

He says I m showing the truth mirror and emotionally blackmails her to marry the three grooms. He asks her to kill them if she denies to marry. Santoshi says how can I marry three grooms. Janardhan asks her to agree. Paulmi is inside Janardhan and is forcing Santoshi to marry. Daksha and Madhvi can’t believe Janardhan getting negative like them. Santoshi cries.

Seshnath asks whats this drama, is this marriage or a joke, does Santoshi know whats happening there, Dadi fainted in shock knowing marriage stopped and people took her to hospital, doctor said Dadi’s operation needs a 4 lakhs. Bua says I can help, if this marriage happens, I will give 4 lakhs. Santoshi cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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