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Santoshi Maa 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaka talking to Santoshi. She adds much chilli powder in the dish. He asks what is she doing. She says I don’t feel good to lie and get my love, I will say truth to Dhairya. He says you can tell him, but there is right time. She says my heart has to be true, I feel I should tell him truth right away. Ankur says I knew you will come. Sinduri asks for her phone. He says I will give it, first tell me who killed my mum. She says I don’t know. He says I have more ways, I will throw this phone in water if you don’t tell me my mum’s killer name, I know there is something in this phone. She says fine, put this phone in water, then you will never know the murderer, our enemy is same, so we should get friendly. She says I know that person now, you will not leave him if I say

name, let me settle scores first and then I will tell you the murderer’s name, give me my phone now.

Ankur gives the phone to her. She checks the video and smiles. She thinks now I will get my hero. Santoshi Maa tells Brahmadev that Devi Swarnrekha has cheated, that too being infront of us, we could not find about her, as she knew about us. Devi Parvati says she did not do this right, she should get punished. Devi Laxmi says yes, she entered Devlok to do this. Devi Saraswati says she did wrong use of the powers we gave. Brahmadev says I will snatch powers from her, if she accepts her mistake, it will be good. He purifies the devlok.

Santoshi comes to room and looks for Dhairya. Dhairya comes and holds her. He asks were you finding me, this is not time to talk, this time is very precious, it does not come often. He kisses on her forehead, and says I did many mistakes and apologized to you, I promise I will never hurt you. She says I m lucky to get you as my husband, I want to say… He stops her and loosens her hair. Tumhi dekho na……………plays…………… They have an eyelock. He says often we take time to know people. She thinks her heart won’t get calm till she tells him truth. He kisses her hand. He says you know many people came and went in my life, I did not trust them, you won my heart by your simplicity and honesty. He holds her face and gets close. She pushes him away.

She asks him to stop, and cries. She says I …… Kaka calls out Santoshi. Dhairya hides with her. Kaka comes and looks for them. Sinduri comes shouting. Kaka goes to see. Dhairya asks Santoshi not to take tension, I will teach her a lesson.

Swarnrekha feeds the pigeon and laughs. She says Devraj Indra, I love you a lot and will never let you go away from me. Bright light sent by Brahmadev is seen there. Devraj Indra comes to human form by that thunder strike. Swarnrekha gets shocked. Brahmadev calls Indra to come infront of him. Indra goes.

Sinduri asks Dhairya to see Santoshi’s truth. Guard stops her. Sinduri shouts. Pushpa asks Sinduri to go, Madhu asked you not to come. Sinduri says no one can stop me, call Dhairya. Dhairya and everyone come there in hall. Dhairya asks why is she shouting. Sinduri says fake Santoshi has filled poison in my life. Santoshi cries and thinks I should have not lied to Dhairya. She prays. Madhu asks guard to kick out Sinduri. Kaka asks Sinduri why did she come.

Sinduri says Dhairya loved me, this fake Santoshi is trying to come between us. Santoshi asks who are you to blame me. Dhairya says I will not leave you Sinduri. Madhu scolds Sinduri. Sinduri shouts and says I will not go anywhere, if anyone comes in between me and Dhaurya, I will kill all of you. They all get shocked.

Dhairya asks how dare you threaten my family. Sinduri says they all are lying, you think if I was not saying true, why will I come here, where I get insulted, everyone is my enemy here. Gaumata thinks will Santoshi bear the fruit of her deeds like this. Sinduri says you wanted proof, I got my phone. Santoshi worries. Sinduri shows her phone. Dhairya thinks Sinduri has some proof, but I will not doubt Santoshi again. He refuses to see video. Kaka asks Sinduri to go and her phone falls. They all get shocked seeing the video playing, and Kaka saying all that Santoshi did to get Dhairya, they got to know truth from Sinduri by making her eat bhaang. Santoshi worries. Madhu says Sinduri is saying right. She shows video to Pratap and Dhairya. Dhairya gets shocked.

Dhairya moves Santoshi away and ends relation with her. Sinduri smiles. He asks Santoshi to leave. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. indera sanichara

    Why would Dhairya not accept Santoshi her face is the same girl he married what nonsense you guys are showing. Writers I are confusing the viewers. Dhairya should remember her memory loss it’s not her fault come on Santosh maa what kind of god r you to let her suffer for your problems in heaven


    Just a crap……
    How can evils fools god and goddess??? They are just showing bakwas and related to Santoshi than everything was fare in love and war….
    Just bakwas they are showing.. in today’s tym god and goddess only exits on pics or statue..

  3. Coz the writers are making up as they go alone and making out that gods are not really gods if they have these problems. I doubt that it’s even written in their religion. So wrong.

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