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Santoshi Maa 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi saying its good I came home, thanks Maa for showing me the way. Daksha and everyone see Santoshi. Dadi gets glad. Santoshi wipes her tears. Dadi hugs Santoshi. They all ask Santoshi what is the matter, where is Dhairya, why is she crying. Santoshi tells about her illness, her body has itching, she has much pain, so she came here to get treatment done. Seshnath asks whats the disease, that you can’t stay there. She shows her hands. They all get shocked. Santoshi says they got scared seeing this, so I came here.

Daksha asks what disease did you get, anyone will be scared seeing this, why will we spend money. Dadi says this is Santoshi’s house too, she did not do mistake by coming here, I will apply lep to her and then show her to doctor. Daksha stops Santoshi

and says your inlaws are smart to make you leave, we will not keep you here. Dadi says Santoshi is our daughter. Madhuri says she is bahu of someone now, we can’t keep her here, if anything happens to our children, what will we do. Seshnath says yes, Madhuri is right, Santoshi you do your arrangement somewhere else. Seshnath and Daksha ask her to leave. Santoshi requests them to let her stay here, she will leave after getting fine. Daksha says you are married now, go away. She scolds Dadi as well. Dadi reminds how she has beaten them before. Neighbors come there. Santoshi covers her hands. Madhuri asks Daksha to think and do something, else they can get beaten up.

Seshnath says its good you all came, Santoshi has got dangerous disease, how can we allow her to come, if she touches Tinu and spreads disease then, Santoshi should leave. Dadi says I will get Santoshi treated. Tinu goes to Santoshi, and Daksha stops him. Seshnath says its dangerous, person will die, you all think. Neighbors agree with them and ask Santoshi to leave. Dadi says enough, Santoshi will stay here, she is daughter of this house, about your children, till Santoshi does not get fine, don’t send children here. The man says we can’t risk our family lives. The lady says we will kick her out. Santoshi says don’t worry, I will leave. Dadi cries and says but where will you go alone. Santoshi says I m not alone, Santoshi Maa is with me. She cries and leaves.

Kaka is worried for Santoshi. He tells Vidya that he is missing Santoshi, she managed house so well. She says I miss her too, I got fine by her love and devotion. He says I m angry on this family, she did a lot for us, she lied to police and kept fasts for you, they made her leave house, don’t know what is her Maayka thinking, I m angry on Dhairya, he ruined her life and did not realize his mistake, Lord will never forgive him and punish him. She asks him not to curse Dhairya. He says what to do, I can’t bless him. She says don’t say anything, I will explain Dhairya to get Santoshi, he will listen to me.

Dadi and Santoshi walk outside. Dadi says what will we do without money. Santoshi gives money and says Pratap gave this. Dadi says this is good, come we will go hospital, we will get you treated by good doctor. Tinu comes to Santoshi and stops her. He gives her piggy bank to Dadi for Santoshi’s treatment. Dadi asks how did you get money. He says yes, I got this from dad, he gave me money to give Santoshi’s address to inspector, I saved money. Dadi says it means Seshnath has sent police, that’s why he was happy. Santoshi says I did not know he will do this. She asks Tinu not to cry. She says I will be fine. Doctor checks Santoshi and says I don’t know what happened to her, I have not seen such disease before, what medicine shall I give now. He says I will write some medicines for her comfort. Dadi says you have big machines, can’t you find her disease. He says I tried my best, you can show to any doctor if you don’t trust me, you go and pray to Lord. Dadi asks him to help. He says I did help, I don’t think there is any cure for this. Santoshi gives him money and leaves with Dadi. Devi Paulmi smiles.

Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa what is this illness that Santoshi is not getting cured, her family and inlaws did not give her space. Santoshi Maa says I m sure of this problem, don’t worry, my devotee will not leave belief, this is the reason that I support devotees, how can I leave Santoshi, I m trying to know why did this problem come on her.

Seshnath says Santoshi spoiled all fun. Madhuri asks him to use mind, Santoshi is not here, we know this, her inlaws do not know this. Daksha says great. Madhuri says we will tell them that we want money for Santoshi’s treatment. Daksha says this is right, this time I will go. Madhuri says fine, take Guddu with you. Daksha asks why. Madhuri says you can hide money, take Guddu along. Daksha agrees. She asks whom to call and talk, tell me. Madhuri tells her plan.

Santoshi and Dadi come to the temple. Dadi asks her not to worry, everything will be fine, we will spend night here, we will see in morning what to do. Santoshi goes to get some food. Dadi thinks Santoshi has courage to smile in this state, when she has broken within. Dadi prays for Santoshi and asks Maa does Santoshi not have right to be happy like others, protect her. Santoshi sees Dadi crying and worries. She consoles Dadi and says I will be fine soon, come with me, have some food. She makes Dadi sit and stops from feeding Dadi. Dadi eats by Santoshi’s hands and feeds Santoshi as well. Santoshi cries.

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