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Santoshi Maa 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gaumata telling Santoshi Maa that Madhu has snatched Santoshi’s property also. Santoshi Maa says when injustice gets high, even lifeless things get a life, after losing everything. Santoshi and Dhairya’s life will have a new start. Kaki asks Santoshi to take her room, you did a lot for us, don’t refuse now. Kaka says money can come and go, but no one can snatch your talent and courage Dhairya. Dhairya agrees and says I will prosper with double courage now. Santoshi thinks I wanted to explain this to Dhairya before and he understood now. Kaki says its benefit if one who criticizes us is at home, we can answer them well. He says you said right. Kaki feels unwell. Santoshi goes to get some food for Kaki. She comes back and says kitchen is locked. Kaki and Dhairya get


Kaki says its fine and shows the Prasad. Santoshi sees the idol and takes the Chana Prasad. Kaki gives that to Santoshi and Dhairya, and says we will sort kitchen matter tomorrow. Its morning, Kaki asks Santoshi and Dhairya to come and have breakfast, she asked watchman to get it. Watchman calls Dhairya. Lawyer says I had to give court notice to Dhairya.

Dhairya signs on register and takes the notice. Kaka comes and asks whats this. Dhairya says its legal notice, and it has 24 lakhs bill attached, its written that I have taken 24 lakhs from Mishra company, I have to return it soon, else it will be enquiry on me, I don’t know when did I take it. Ankur reminds him of his credit card payments, and asks him to pay it, you saved Santoshi from going to jail, but you can’t get saved. Dhairya asks Madhu what is Ankur saying. Madhu says its just company bills, this is personal bill, clubs, shopping, international trips with friends, branded cars, I have accounts of everything, check this. He gets shocked and says you have kept account of all this. Madhu says yes.

Kaki says one who took your property, why will she do this. Dhairya says this bill has shown value of our relation, I called Madhu as Maabhi, I regarded her mother from heart, I did not know you are heartless, and have just mind, why did you make relation with me when you had to break it this way, what was the need for that fake love. He cries and says you are doing this because Ankur has brainwashed you. Ankur does drama and says leave me, I m scared. He accepts he made Madhu do this, what will you do now, pay bill as of now, else be ready to do to jail, if you don’t pay, then it will be fraud case on you. Dhairya asks will you threaten me. Santoshi stops Dhairya. Kaka says no fight gets solved like this, take him to room. Santoshi takes Dhairya. Kaki asks what can Dhairya do, he gave his property to you, how will he get money. Madhu says that’s his problem, I want money, else he will go to jail. Ankur says Dhairya will look cute in jail. Kaka and Kaki worry.

Dhairya says I really loved Madhu as my mother, but she did much wrong and ended everything, I decided I will not call her Maabhi. Santoshi says its clear she is troubling you. Ankur says I will get them on ground. Madhu laughs. Kaka comes and requests Madhu not to trouble Dhairya and Santoshi. Madhu says yes, I have relation with Dhairya, so I thought something for him, by which he can pay bill. Santoshi says you have to pay bill, they want to separate us. He says I won’t give, how will we get money. Kaka comes and says don’t worry, I m with you, I have named all my lands and property to Madhu, and paid your loan. Dhairya asks what are you saying, you made this house by hardwork. Kaki says its true, your Papa made this house by hard work, but saving children is imp, so we have to sell this house, one day Madhu will realize what she lost in her greed. Kaka says we will earn land and property again, you both are our biggest asset. They all hug.

Gaumata says Madhu have snatched roof from Santoshi’s head, where will they go now. Santoshi Maa says ego and greed can make anyone blind, human walking on this path will go towards pain. Kaka sees their family pic and asks Dhairya to keep this also. Santoshi packs the bags. Dhairya says no need of this, when Pratap and Madhu don’t regard us family, why should we take their families. Santoshi says children can leave parents, but parents can’t. She keeps the pic. Kaka says you will understand this Dhairya, when you become father.

Sharmili gives breakfast to Guddu. He gets ready and sits to eat. She locks the door. He asks her to open the door. She says you won’t go office today. He says Sweety will be waiting. She does not let him go. Kaki hugs Pushpa and asks her to take care of this house, I did not think we had to leave like this, we have many memories with this house.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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    Today’s episode made me emotional but yes they are showing toooo much tortoure for santoshi, dhairya and kaka kaki and helpless god are shown

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