Santoshi Maa 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone spoiling the house Pushpa says don’t know when will this poor people go. Madhuri scolds her and says I m not servant of this house, get breakfast for us. Seshnath says I m Santoshi’s uncle. Kaka requests them to calm down. Daksha says we will listen to elders. She tells Kaka that they just want Santoshi to get accepted in this house. Dadi says yes, she is very simple girl, its not her mistake, talk to Dhairya, I request you, we are poor, but from respectable family, if we take married girl home, we can’t show face to anyone. Daksha says yes, Amma will die, accept Santoshi, if Santoshi does not get justice, we will sit here and do dharna. Kaka says I will get rights for Santoshi, Dhairya has to do his repsonsibility. Daksha thanks him.

Kaka asks Santoshi

not to worry, I know sindoor’s importance. Santoshi Maa opens eyes. Gaumata greets her. Santoshi Maa says you look worried. Gaumata asks why does Santoshi not get her rights easily, none is supporting her than Kaka, how long will she be strong. Santoshi Maa says I don’t know what time gets and who wins, but I know truth is pure like water, which makes away from between the mountains.

Pratap and everyone bring Dhairya. Daksha says forget everything and accept Santoshi. Dhairya gets angry on her and says I will not accept Santoshi, I will feel myself dirty and impure if her shadow falls on me. They get shocked. Madhuri scolds him. She asks why did you fill Santoshi’s maang then. He argues with her. Dadi asks Vidya to explain her son, if he talks like this, how will there be any result, Santoshi is his wife. Vidya says I know my son is angry, how can we believe this marriage. Kaka asks Vidya not to support Dhairya more.

Santoshi says I came here for everyone’s saying, I knew love and respect can’t be obtained by asking, Dhairya can’t understand sindoor value, I don’t want my right by snatching, we should leave from here. Daksha says no. Santoshi says I know I will not have roof of Dhairya’s name, but I have his name sindoor. Madhuri and Daksha ask her not to lose. The people gossip.

Daksha says we all are with you. Santoshi says I request you all, I will bear whatever happens, my Santoshi Maa is with me, you all go. Daksha says when Santoshi is saying this, what can we do. They all start leaving. Madhu stops them. Seshnath thinks they will get more insulted now. Madhu covers Santoshi with her pallu and says Santoshi will not go anywhere, she is bahu of this house and my Devrani. Madhu’s family gets shocked and Santoshi’s family happily smiles. Madhu says Dhairya filled Santoshi’s maang, so he will take this responsibility. Pratap asks Madhu….

Madhu recalls talking to Kranti Maa. Kranti Maa says this happened good, you did not wish Dhairya to marry a girl who controls her, and now you got a girl whom you can kick out anytime and make her dance on your fingers, accept that girl soon. FB ends. Madhu asks Pushpa to serve breakfast to Santoshi’s relatives. Dhairya says this not possible, I will teach a lesson to Santoshi. Madhu stops him and says this is my decision, you have to accept this, Santoshi is your wife from today.

Dhairya, Pratap and Ujwal ask Madhu how can she take this decision for Dhairya. Madhu says I m more worried than you all, it was all a drama. She says Dhairya, you will always be my life, I m doing this for you, what you did is not a small mistake, they have video recording, if we take wrong step, it can be bad for us, you all know Santoshi’s family is very greedy, they can give recording to media. Nupur agrees. Madhu asks Dhairya to support her for some time, accept Santoshi, once everything settles, I will get you out of this problem, I know how to kick her out. She says Kranti Maa commanded me to accept Santoshi. They get shocked. Nupur says then we have to do what she said. Madhu asks Dhairya can’t he obey her, now he got Kranti Maa’s blessings too, just once support her.

People run to get snacks. Seshnath asks Pushpa to get more sweets. Vidya says Madhu took wrong decision. Kaka says I feel Madhu took the right decision. Dhairya is blessed to have wife like Santoshi. Madhuri and Daksha think if Dhairya refuses again, we will see him. Dhairya comes with his family.

Madhu says Dhairya agreed to make Santoshi his wife, if you don’t believe, I will send Santoshi with you. Dhairya and Santoshi are on the way in his car. Her pallu gets below his hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now the real drama starts, hatred,respect,responsibilities…this serial is totaly showing what happens wid the poor ppl. Its good but i suggest everyone not to see this serial with there servants. I have a very big experiance of how the maids dream to be like santoshi and getting married to some dhairya.??


    1. No its true…i mean our house maid was asking me that day if it really happens….i was dumbstruck.?

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