Santoshi Maa 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa reaching Paulomika. She asks goons to leave her. The goons refuse to leave Paulomika and her. Dhairya and Santoshi are on the way. Santoshi sees a girl with beads and says its of Maa. Girl says I found this here. Goon says we will not leave you. They stop her and push Paulomika down. Paulomika asks what are you doing, open the ropes. Goon scolds her. She thinks to get free of them. She stares at the goons and make them fine. She gets up. Goons try to catch them again. Santoshi Maa sees Paulomika fighting with them with her powers.

Devi Paulmi sees the bees travelling. She showers rain. Crows surround the bees. Devi Paulmi says I will never let Devi Santoshi win. She sees Devi Laxmi coming and disappears. Devi Laxmi prays and clears the weather. Crows leave.

She says I know you all are working as per nature, but let honey bees go, they have to do a special work. She goes. Devi Paulmi says my plan failed again.

Goon gets angry on Paulomika. Dhairya comes and stops goon. Santoshi and Dhairya beat them up. Police comes and arrests them. Goon says I will not leave this Sadhvi. Inspector apologizes to her and says I was just doing my duty. Santoshi and Dhairya also apologize. Santoshi Maa says its not your mistake, good thing is we got Paulomika. Gaumata says truth saved Maa there, but what will happen here. Honey bees get a flower.

Tinu gets invisible and talks to Seshnath as Hanuman. He makes Seshnath promise he won’t do bad things, he will take care of mum, respect elders and love Tinu. Seshnath agrees. It starts getting dark. Bees try to bloom the flower. Devi Paulmi laughs. Gaumata worries seeing the place shaking. The flower blossoms and spreads light. The place gets neutral. Everyone gets glad.

Dhairya and Santoshi get Paulomika and Santoshi Maa home. Kaka hugs Paulomika. She apologizes to Santoshi Maa and cries. Santoshi Maa forgives her and says entire universe supports truth, not just Lord. Mangla gets milk for Paulomika and says Devi Santoshi failed the plan, why did you go with those men. Paulomika says I thought you have sent them, you also have milk.

Santoshi smiles seeing Santoshi Maa and asks her to have halwa. She says when you were doing dhyaan, I wanted to sit watching you, you may have felt bad. Santoshi Maa says truth gives courage, your belief always made you win. Santoshi agrees. They smile. Devi Paulmi says I will ruin you soon Devi Santoshi, your happiness will not stay for long. She laughs.

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