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The Episode starts with Santoshi offering help to Dhairya. He says I m filling tender by your money, I don’t want to get loss, Pratap could have helped, but he wants you to go to jail. She says its not big thing. He asks what are you saying, why am I earning then. She says I won’t say it. he asks her to get tea. Santoshi says I will get it. Sinduri gets tea. He asks how do you know I want tea. She thinks who else will know. She keeps the tea and calls Dhairya as hero. Santoshi goes. Sinduri says I m real Santoshi, that girl is fraud. Dhairya gets shocked. Santoshi talks to Kaki. They hear Dhairya shouting. Dhairya says this girl is saying nonsense. Sinduri says I m saying truth. He asks her to get out. Kaki asks Sinduri to leave. She fumes and goes.

Tinu goes to Sharmili. She asks what are

you doing here. He says Daksha and Madhuri has stolen the jewelry, not Dadi, they kept it in Dadi’s room to get saved. She gets shocked and asks are you sure. He says yes, I heard Daksha saying this to Madhuri. She says I did big mistake, I have scolded Dadi, I should apologize to her.

Sinduri gets angry and runs on the road. A car stops and man asks her to see and walk. She cries. She goes to naag dev in Shiv temple and ask why did you do this, why did you make me away from my Shiv, Dhairya is my Shiv.

Santoshi Maa tells Yamdev that Sinduri’s love for Dhairya will increase as she does not know she is Santoshi, do something and solve this problem. Yamdev goes on earth and prays. Sinduri faints.

Later, Sinduri wakes up and says when will I get my husband. Yamdev as Sadhu talks to her, and says the one who is not yours, how will you get him. She asks what do you mean, do you know everything. He says yes, I know past, present and future. She says I know fraud baba like you. He asks her not to fool herself, truth won’t change. She asks whats truth. He says you were dying. She says no, I m Santoshi. He says that was a dream, the truth is you were Sinduri, your soul has worn Santoshi’s body, Dhairya loves Santoshi, truth is you are Sinduri, who lost your memory, you are a dancer. She recalls the men’s words. He says I m saying truth. She says Santoshi has sent you. He says no, I came to make you realize truth. She asks who are you, are you Lord, what proof do you have. He says I will give you proof. She says no, I m Santoshi. He says you are Sinduri, don’t try to run away from truth. Sinduri shouts no and wakes up from her dream. She looks around.

Yamdev says now this girl will realize truth. Sinduri says what dream was I seeing, am I really Sinduri, no, this can’t happen, but why did I get that dream, if I m Sinduri, then why don’t I remember anything, I won’t believe any baba, I have seen a dream and my husband reality, I will get Dhairya in any way.

Pratap asks Madhu if we had a son, would he be like Dhairya, you loved him so much and see how he is behaving with you. She says Dhairya is mad about Santoshi. He says I will make him helpless to leave his wife, don’t help him, I will show him his real place, I will not leave him. She smiles.
Its morning, Santoshi wakes up Dhairya. He smiles seeing her and says I m seeing this morning did not look so beautiful before. She asks him to have tea. Sinduri sees them and makes sound to disturb them. She thinks to do something to break them, I have to do something that he falls in love with my face and hates Santoshi’s face.

Sharmili goes to Dadi and apologizes. Dadi forgives her. Sharmili asks Dadi to always bless her. Dadi wipes her tears and hugs. Santoshi irons Dhairya’s shirt. Kaki calls her and she keeps iron aside. She goes. Sinduri burns Dhairya’s shirt. Dhairya comes from bath and sees the shirt burnt. Santoshi comes and gets shocked. She says it burnt by my mistake. He asks her to remember this and not do that again, as Sinduri once told him about making a knot and not repeating things. Sinduri smiles hearing him and thinks how this fake girl’s truth will come out.

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