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Santoshi Maa 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Narad asking Mata Santoshi to calm down, as Devlok is burning. Brahmadev says Devi Saraswati, we have to do something. Kandin says how will we calm Mata. Devis comes there. Narad asks them to do something and calm Mata, else Devlok will be ruined. Devi Parvati asks Santoshi Mata to calm down. She puts some light and sees a shield across Mata. Devi Laxmi and Saraswati also try to calm Devi Santoshi. Mata does not get calm.

Narad says if Santoshi Mata does not get calm down, then Devlok will be ruined. All Devis worry. Narad asks them to have any solution. Brahmadev comes there and reminds Devis that Devi Santoshi is their Ansh, and they can calm her. Devi Parvati says we know how to calm her. She brings Mahadev’s Rudraksh which ends every anger. She asks all Devis

to put their powers in it, so that Santoshi Mata’s anger get absorbed by the Rudraksh. They all put light on the Rudraksh. Rudraksh breaks Santoshi Mata’s anger and ends all the fire in Devlok. Mata gets comforted. Rudraksh gets back in all Devis’ hands. Narad thanks them. Santoshi Mata opens her eyes and smiles. She greets Brahmadev and all Matas/Devis. She apologizes to them for her anger. Devis says no need to apologize, your anger was justified, you showed your devotee’s devotion strength, so that no one dares to spoil your Prasad, but we had to calm you today, else Devlok would have been ruined, we are glad you did not use your powers in wrong thing. They bless Santoshi Mata and disappear.

Devi Paulmi fumes and says Devi Santoshi’s anger was spoiling my place, I will not be calm if she can show her anger. Narad says I have a question Mata. Santoshi Mata asks him to ask. He says even sour taste is one taste, why to hate it. She says yes, but its prohibited in fast, I did not get angry by sour taste in Prasad, but because it was added intentionally, I can’t bear anyone spoiling my bhakt’s bhog.

Seshnath cries with pain. Santoshi brings kada for him. He drinks it and says now I m feeling better. He gets up and falls by pain again. He asks what did Santoshi add in this. Guddu asks what happened. Madhvi says Santoshi mixed something in kada. Dadi says she gave it for good. Madhvi says what good happened. Daksha says take Seshnath to hospital. Guddu lifts Seshnath and takes him.

Devi Paulmi comes to all Devis and greets them. Devi Parvati asks are you in tension, is everything fine. Devi Paulmi says no, else why would I trouble you. She says Devi Santoshi has messed up Devlok by her anger, is this right, if you all did not calm her, what would have happened. Devis say it was small incident. Devi Paulmi asks what about that human, who is in pain, Mata is doing this to save her devotee Santoshi, there was just sour added in Prasad, such a big punishment for it, sour taste is also part of nature.

Devi Laxmi says its waste to question on devotion, if Santoshi does not like sour, there will be any reason. Devi Paulmi asks whats this justice, Madhvi should have not punished instead Seshnath. Devis say Devi Santoshi punished him, as he is Madhvi’s husband, husband and wife share pain after marriage, he is paying for his wife’s deeds. Devi Parvati says we can’t point at Devi Santoshi, humans learn when his loved ones are in pain, we can’t help you. Devi Paulmi gets angry.

Kandin says Mata does not get angry without reason. Narad says sure. Mata says I can’t forgive the mistake done intentionally, if any humans create problems for my devotee or create hurdle in puja, then he has to bear result. I m Devi of satisfaction, it does not mean I stay content when anyone hurts my devotee. Narad says but Madhvi did this and her husband got punished, why. Mata says you will get answer there.

Santoshi Mata shows them, how Madhvi told Seshnath about ruining Santoshi’s fast, she says she is not getting anything sour. Seshnath suggested Madhvi to add sour lemon to ruin fasts. She gets glad. Santoshi Mata says that man got punished for his sin. The doctor checks Seshnath. He gives him painkillers and says we can say something after test reports come. Madhvi cries. Santoshi says Seshnath filled his sin pot by suggesting his wife to add lemon in bhog, maybe his wife changes now after seeing him in pain.

Guddu says Seshnath got appendix. Daksha says it will cost much. Santoshi asks Madhu for money. Madhu asks Santoshi to sell herself to them to get money. Santoshi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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