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Santoshi Maa 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Paulmi saying I got the water from Brahmadev’s kamaldan, now I have to start the jeev nirmaan. Sharmili and Santoshi come to the temple. Sharmili asks will you keep fast in pregnancy. Santoshi says no fast can harm baby. Devi Paulmi says i will snatch all happiness from Santoshi and laughs. Dhairya is on the way. He thinks of his baby getting born healthy. Devi Paulmi says I got a chance to change fate. Dhairya drives being on call. She puts some stone in his way. Dhairya passes by and stops car. He sees Santoshi and gets angry. He says I told you not to keep fast in pregnancy. He throws puja items. They get shocked.

Santoshi asks what did you do. Dhairya sees Tinu and says I m sorry, forgive me, you do things which make me angry, I will drop you home. She

refuses. He says Maa is unwell, she wants to meet you. She asks what happened to Kaki. He says she was asking about you. She agrees to meet Kaki. She says I will do puja and come. She asks Sharmili to tell Dadi that she will come home in some time. Dhairya asks her to come and they leave.

Gaumata says Dhairya is cheating Santoshi and not letting her pray to you. Santoshi Maa says yes, I will do something to control him. Dhairya gets Santoshi home. She says you lied to me and got me here, let me go temple. He scolds her. He says till my baby gets born, you have to do as I say. Kaka and Kaki look on. Kaka asks whats happening. Dhairya asks him to be quiet. Kaka says I m your father. Kaki takes Kaka. Dhairya asks Santoshi not to keep fast and not do puja. Gaumata says I did not imagine he will change so much, he is hurting her sentiments. Santoshi Maa says he is affected by negative powers. Devi Paulmi says I teach them to cheat and win, my cheat powers are very huge. Santoshi says I will do puja always. He says till you have my baby in womb, you will not keep fasts, swear on me. She asks do you know meaning of swearing. He says yes, I want to see how much pativrata are you. Gaumata says he did not do husband’s duty and asking her to do wife’s duty. Santoshi Maa says I will take permission from brahmadev and go on earth to help Santoshi.

Santoshi says fine, I will do patni dharm and not do puja, but you have to apologize to Santoshi Maa. He refuses. She says remember, I will not talk to you. He says fine, I will see. She asks him not to take her tests, she will not talk all her life if he does not apologize. He thinks once I get baby, our relation will end, so I will apologize. He says fine, I will apologize, you obey me. She agrees. He apologizes to Santoshi Maa.

Devi Paulmi makes a protective shield and says this will not let anyone see my anushtaan. She starts jeev nirmaan anushtaan. She asks the jeev to take her avatar and ruin someone’s life, you will understand my directions, your name will be Trishna, which will never end. She laughs. She sends the pot. She hears Brahmadev called everyone to devsabha. She goes.

Santoshi asks Sharmili why did you come here, Dhairya can scold you, please leave. Sharmili says don’t worry, Dhairya called me here to take care of you. Everyone greet Brahmadev. He asks Santoshi Maa why did she ask him to call sabha. She says injustice is happening with my
devotees, I request you to let me go there, I will be always thankful for this help.

He says its tough thing, and asks everyone to give opinion. Devi Paulmi thinks Santoshi maa did late, as Trishna will reach earth. He says if you all have thought well, tell me opinion. They all agree with Devi Santoshi. Devi Paulmi says stop, I did not give my opinion till now, according to devlok rules, even if one did not give opinion, result is not taken. He agrees and asks her to say. She says I want to know did Santoshi Maa’s devotees call her or she wants to go herself. Santoshi Maa says no, my devotee did not call me. Devi Paulmi reminds that there is no way to go on earth without call. There is thunder storm in devlok. Devi Paulmi smiles. He says it seems some bad thing happened in other lok, Devi Santoshi you should follow devlok rules, but I will try to find some way. They all get shocked. Trishna lands on earth. She takes Devi Paulmi’s look.

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    What kind of nonsence are they showing the world about our Hindus worshipping, and bad God in heaven. Crazy writers stop your crazy thinking and do something good please.

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