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Santoshi Maa 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhvi getting shocked talking to the younger guy. She sends him out and thinks this is Daksha’s game, what did Daksha feel I won’t know anything, I have find out. Dadi comes to Santoshi and worries seeing the blood on her wrist. She says I will apply medicines. Santoshi says I m fine. Dadi does the aid. The pandit calls the bride. Madhvi says sorry pandit ji, bride can’t come. Daksha worries. Madhvi says I have come to know something just now, its good I came to know on time, I will not let this happen. Daksha asks what do you mean. Madhvi says Komal Mata tika is not done yet, and we will do it on time. She takes Daksha with her.

Santoshi smiles as her friends tease her. Bittoo comes there. She says she won’t go out. The girl ask Bittoo to choose one of the

three brothers, both sisters can stay together. Bittoo says my prince will come in costly car, I want a hero. Daksha asks Madhvi why did she get her here. Madhvi asks her for what price did she sell Santoshi. Daksha acts and says I m getting her married. Madhvi says you are getting her married to three guys, and acting here. She says marriage happens with one, not three, else its deal, I know your lie, the youngest groom has told me everything. I did not think you will fall so low, I can’t do this sin, I will tell everyone that you are doing this for money. Daksha stops her and asks will she get her insulted like this.

She praises Madhvi and tries convincing her. Madhvi says fine, I will hide your secret, whats my benefit in this. Daksha says yes, now you came to point, fine, we will divide. Madhvi says she will take half. Daksha agrees. Tinu heard all of their conversation and says if my ball did not go under the bed, I would have not known this bad thing, I will tell Santoshi.

Santoshi Maa sees three butterflies over one flower. Kandin comes to her and asks whats this happening with Santoshi, is her family so bad, Santoshi is unaware of this, what will happen now. Narad comes and greets Mata. He says Santoshi Maa is helpless, she can’t help Santoshi till she is called. Paulmi comes there and says Santoshi can’t stop this, following Brahmadev’s orders.

Santoshi is ready. Daksha makes her wear ghunghat. Santoshi asks how will I see, its dark. Daksha says I m with you, I will take you on right path. They take Santoshi. Paulmi asks them to see, and she will go to see the marriage. Kandin asks how can she go. Paulmi says I will go there, but Maa Santoshi can’t come, she has to stay here. Pandit does rituals.

Madhvi tells everything to Seshnath. Santoshi sits in the mandap. Tinu runs to Santoshi and asks her not to marry, as her marriage is happening with three guys. Santoshi thinks he is joking. Madhvi asks him to go. Dadi worries seeing all the three guys doing rituals. Everyone wonder whats happening. The lady asks whats happening this. Dadi asks Seshnath whats happening. Seshnath says its marriage, stay here. Bua asks pandit to chant mantras fast. The lady asks with whom is marriage happening, we don’t understand. Daksha thinks to send Dadi away. She says sindoor happens in temple in our house, not here in mandap. She asks guests to leave, as just family stays in the ritual. Seshnath takes Dadi and asks her to see guests. Dadi says I have to be with Santoshi, what is this happening. Daksha says leave this old woman, take bride and groom to temple. She takes Dadi with her. Seshnath takes Santoshi and the grooms. Tinu looks on.

Daksha tells Dadi that Santoshi has got three guys. Dadi is shocked. Daksha does ghatbandhan of Santoshi with the three guys. Kandin asks Santoshi Maa to do something before Santoshi’s life gets ruined.

Update Credit to: Amena

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