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Santoshi Maa 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi singing the aarti. Dhairya asks whats wrong with you, they asked you to sing song, not bhajan. Nikhil says relax Dhairya, she sung good aarti, we are going to temple, so its fine. Anju says I will sing song well. Anju and Nikhil sing song Ghazab ka hai ye din…… Anju asks Santoshi to make Dhairya have chips, he is driving. Santoshi holds her hand which are itching. She takes chip and makes Dhairya eat it. Her hands get some allergy and bad ugly spots. He sees the bad spots and gets shocked.

He stops the car and asks Santoshi to get out of the car. Nikhil and Anuj ask what happened. Dhairya shouts on Santoshi. She gets down the car. Dhairya shows her hands. Nikhil and Anju get shocked. Dhairya says she has this worst thing, I can’t bear her, if we get unwell

then. Anju says when she changed saree, it was not there, how did this happen. Santoshi says don’t know. Dhairya says she is cheap. Nikhil says it was not at home, I think its reaction, we should take her to doctor, come sit in car. Dhairya says no, if I get this infection, what will I do, we will go, she will go home. Anju says Santoshi needs us more, we can go temple later. Santoshi says no, you guys go to temple, I will go. Nikhil asks how will you go alone. Dhairya stops an auto rickshaw and asks driver to drop Santoshi. He pays fare. Santoshi apologizes to Nikhil and Anju, and leaves. She cries and Anju gets sad too.

Devi Paulmi laughs and says Santoshi wanted Patni such, now Dhairya will hate you, your Devi Santoshi ended my son, now I will make your family leave you, this is just beginning. Dhairya comes home and throws things around. He shouts for Pushpa. Pushpa gets tensed seeing the damage he did. Kaka comes and asks whats all this, how did you come so early, where is Santoshi.

Dhairya asks Pushpa to get his car cleaned by antiseptic. Everyone come there and see the broken things. Kaka asks what happened. Dhairya says when your Santoshi comes, ask her what happened, she did not waste my time, she spoiled my friendship, my car and everything, I got embarrassed infront of Nikhil today. He scolds Pushpa. She says sorry and goes.

Madhu says Dhairya. He says I took Santoshi on your saying, she ruined my plan, Nikhil and Anju had to go home from midway. She calms him down. Kaka says don’t love him for his mistake. She asks Kaka not to say in this matter. She asks Dhairya to tell peacefully what happened. Dhairya says something happened to Santoshi, I don’t know what, her body got strange, she has bad skin injection. They all get shocked. He says I m scared, if she comes home, we can also get that infection. Santoshi comes home covering herself. He asks her not to come inside home.

He blocks her way and says no need to come inside. They all get shocked seeing the bad allergy on her hands. Dhairya says see what junk she has. Vidya comes there. Dhairya says Santoshi won’t stay here. He asks Nupur will she eat food made by Santoshi’s hand. Nupur says no, I can’t bear her. Ujwal says even I can’t, make her leave from here. Santoshi cries.

Kaka claps and says great, what can I expect from you all, you don’t have humanity. Vidya says whatever happened, its not Santoshi’s mistake, which illness can’t be cured by medicine, see my hands got fine, Santoshi maa will bless her. Madhu says I m fed up hearing this, and scolds Santoshi. Pratap says stop this, Papa give this money to her and ask her to get treated. Kaka takes money.

Nupur says if we get this infection, what will we do. Kaka says its limit. Santoshi stops Kaka. She says I will stay outside house, I will get medicine and get this disease treated, I will not come infront of anyone, where will I go. Nupur says go anywhere. Ujwal asks her to go to her greedy uncle and aunt, don’t argue, else we will call police.

They all cover their faces with kerchiefs to avoid that disease. Devi Paulmi gets glad seeing this and laughs. Santoshi says fine, I will leave, I want my bag, it has Santoshi Maa’s pic. Madhu stops her and says you don’t need to come inside, I will ask someone to get your belongings. She calls Pushpa and asks her to get Santoshi’s belongings fast. Pushpa gets the bag.

Santoshi says Vidya Kaki got fine now, I don’t want her to get ill, I will leave. Kaka thinks Santoshi’s satisfaction and self courage has no limit. He gives money for her treatment. She takes the money. She takes their blessings and leaves. Devi Paulmi throws fire and burns a tree. She laughs playing with fire and burning all the trees. She says very soon, Santoshi’s state will be like these trees, no one will support you, your inlaws left you, I will see who helps you now.

Narad comes there and sees the burning trees. He stops Devi Paulmi and asks what are you doing, whats the meaning to burn the trees like this. She says I get happiness in someone’s pain, see Santoshi is in much problem, her state is such that her inlaws has made her leave house. He says woman’s parents house is also hers, whats shocking if Santoshi goes to her house. She says woman’s house is her husband’s house after marriage, she will not have her Maayka, if Devi Sati could not have her Maayka, its impossible that Santoshi gets her Maayka.

Daksha, Madhuri and Seshnath are happy. Madhuri says Santoshi is like well, we can get money. They all praise Santoshi and miss her. Dadi asks them did they do any theft by Santoshi’s name. Seshnath drinks wine and asks Dadi to say good about them sometimes. He asks her to have samosas. He dances and they all laugh. Madhuri and everyone join the dance. Dadi says I will not join this madness. He calls her old. He says if Santoshi was here, I would have loved her, she is the best, she is Devi, every home should have such Devi, we have happiness because of her, Lord should give such daughter in every home. Santoshi comes home and hears Seshnath’s words.

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