Santoshi Maa 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sorry readers for short update as due to power cut i saw little episode in pieces so i m updating that much and even i did not get video online so forgive me for short update.

Episode start with partap giving his statement against Santoshi. Dhairya ask him why he saying so?? Dhairya says he belive her competeley. Madhu tell everyone to see cctv footage. And shows everyone about santoshi giving packet to some boy. Ankur taunts her charachter as well as blame her for theft. Dhairya is about to beat him but santoshi stops him. Madhu ask inspecter to search. Pratap ask madhu and ankur for all this, they both balckmail him about going to jail and ask him to do as they say. Pratap leaves from there in frustration.

Santoshi is crying in her room and remembering all the blames but dhairya ask her not to waste her aasun as its anmaol. Santoshi cries hugging him and say i did not know why Madhu is doing this. (Damm stupid girl to believe madhu’s saying, after daily drama). Dhairya consoles her and ask her if needed we will pay money but will not let anything happen to you and make her drink milkshake.

At santoshi mayka they all talk about guddu’s new boss and her favours while taunting sharmili. (Sorry due to power cut during this secene i did not know what happened exactly).

At santoshi sasural all santoshi, kaki and dhairya talk about madhu & ankur alligations. Madhu ask santoshi to give her jewellary by evening. Dhairya ask he will pay money. Madhu ask him to give 20 lakhs.
(Sorry again power cut)
Madhu and Ankhur humilate dhairya, which santoshi can’t bear and ask madhu what she wants? Madhu and Ankhur ask to give property to them and leave house. Santoshi ready and signs on property papers. Ankhur ask them to leave, Kaki ask them that they will stay with me and Kaka.

Precap- dhairya gets legal notice about taking money from some mishra and comapny.

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