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Santoshi Maa 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Seshnath and Daksha asking Madhu who is her fav servant. Madhu says shut up, I hate to see you. Seshnath and Daksha act sweet. Madhuri argues with Daksha and says Seshnath will listen to Madhu and do anything what she says. Madhu asks them to just shut up. She calls Sweety and asks whom did you get. Sweety says how interesting, they can go to this extent to prove themselves, enjoy. Ankur says Sweety, I find you interesting, as you have this zoo with you. Madhu asks them to leave and gets angry. They leave.

A man comes to Dhairya and says I m jeweler’s son, this is your order and this is the bill. Dhairya says we don’t have money, you can take it back. The man asks why are you joking, take this and pay me money. Dhairya says we don’t have money, really, sorry.

Santoshi apologizes. The man asks why did they order, give me other jewelry. Dhairya asks the man to leave. The man insults them and calls them beggars. Neighbors look on. The man asks for making charges. She gives the ring. Dhairya asks what are you doing. Santoshi asks the man to leave. He takes ring and goes.

Santoshi says jewelry is not bigger than Dhairya’s respect. Dhairya gets a call and gets shocked. Santoshi asks what happened. Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa does service has a price. Santoshi Maa says yes, why are you asking. Gaumata says then pay for my service so that I can go and help Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says I can’t go against rules, we can give strength to Santoshi, but not help her. Gaumata understands. Santoshi Maa says don’t worry, Santoshi’s self confidence will make her fight with all problems. Dhairya goes to Ankur and shouts …. He beats Ankur. Madhu asks Dhairya to leave Ankur.

Dhairya beats more. Madhu asks Pratap and Ujwal to do something. Ankur asks Madhu to save him. Dhairya says no one will save you today and beats him. Dhairya removes his belt and runs after Ankur. Madhu says someone save my son. Ankur runs on the road. Dhairya runs after him.

Dhairya takes Ankur to police station and tells inspector to catch the culprit, Ankur has done fraud with our company. Ankur says whats proof I did the fraud. Inspector says we will get proof and arrests Ankur. Dhairya and Santoshi come to a company. He says Paras gave this address. Santoshi asks him to go and talk. He says I will get courage from you, you are lucky for me. She says no, you do everything by your mind. Gaumata says Santoshi is supporting Dhairya. Santoshi Maa says this is duty of a true husband and wife, Santoshi is doing her duty.

Dhairya and Santoshi talk to the man. The man asks them to give discount of 15%, and they can increase the value. Dhairya says we don’t have money right now. The man says we don’t work without commission. Dhairya says we will think and say. Madhu tells inspector that Dhairya has beaten Ankur. Inspector tells them that Ankur has sent the mail. Ujwal says even we all use the laptop, whom will you arrest, I m a lawyer, its not any proof that you have arrested Ankur. Inspector says we have complaint against him. Ujwal gives bail papers. Inspector leaves Ankur. Madhu asks Ankur how is he. Ankur says I m fine, but I will not leave Dhairya. Madhu says I know, Dhairya has hurt me by beating you, I will not leave him.

Dhairya and Santoshi are on the way He says I was thinking to take loan from friends to pay commission. She says we will think well. He says I decided. She asks him to have food first. He asks the food plate rate. He has less money. Santoshi says we will take one plate. Dhairya and Santoshi argue over the food. She orders his fav food. They sit eating the food and smile.

Ujwal asks Ankur why did he sent fake email by home, he went to jail by small mistake. Madhu says he did what he felt right, he is Ankur Mishra, Pratap Mishra’s son. Ujwal says I know, I m lawyer and Ankur needs nor worry. Madhu says Dhairya has beaten my son, I will not leave him. The shopkeeper asks for more money. Dhairya and Santoshi get shocked. Dhairya argues. Santoshi says we have just 50rs, we will give remaining money later. The man asks why did they eat food if they did not had money, give money now. Santoshi worries.

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  1. This soap shows that santoshi goddess devotees are always suffering

  2. Yes or you can say that to become like santoshi is very difficult. To have patience, mental strongness and peace in tough times is very difficult for an ordinary human being. How to fight with tough times, is shown through santoshi, in this serial.

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