Santoshi Maa 13th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya saying Santoshi should do break dance, I want modern girls, I want my wife to socialize and come to me to pubs. Kaka asks will you choose wife by dance. Devi Paulmi says let Dhairya choose what work he wants Santoshi to do, I think you accepted Santoshi has lost. Dhairya asks Santoshi and Riya dance, if anyone has issue, she can leave from house. Devi Paulmi says we will keep competition tomorrow morning, so its decided. Dhairya says I will kill myself if anyone creates any issue.

Narad tells Santoshi Maa about this dance competition. Gaumata says I don’t think its right, I did not see Santoshi dancing before, I think she will fail. Santoshi Maa says art is art, person can learn art anytime, they have to accept challenge and prepare for it, and after competition,

they should not think about win or lose. Narad says yes, you said true, result will be in favor of the one who prepare well, but Gaumata can enjoy the dance by seeing. She says sure. He goes.

Seshnath asks Daksha and Madhuri to end their fight and hug. He makes them have sweets. They both agree on his saying and hug. He calls Bittoo and asks her to take their pic fast. Bittoo takes pics. Daksha says now pic is over, tell me what to do. Seshnath says I will tell you. He sends Bittoo to get juice. He says I have a nice plan, talk slowly. He says Dhairya is offering me one lakh to kick out Santoshi from his house. Daksha says so, Dhairya called that day for this, you wanted to take all money alone. He says no, leave it, I could not make Santoshi leave, I did not get money, don’t worry, we can work together and get money. Madhuri says fine, if Santoshi runs from here, what will we do. Daksha says we will lock her in room, we will free her when we need. Madhuri asks how will we control Dadi. Daksha says we will scare her about Daksha, don’t worry, Seshnath get Santoshi here and leave all worries on me. He jokes on them.

Madhu tells Santoshi that we all have to pass this dance challenge, I know Papa is getting laugh, but truth is I don’t want Santoshi to go out of this house. Kaka says we should think about this challenge, we will work together, our aim is same, I m angry on Dhairya for making Santoshi do break dance. Madhu says don’t worry, Santoshi will surely dance. Santoshi worries and says I don’t know any dance. Madhu says Santoshi you have to dance, I have a solution for your problem. She gives break dance dvds. She plays dvd and shows the dance form to Santoshi.

Santosh worries seeing the girl doing break dance, and the short clothes she is wearing. Madhu says don’t be afraid, there is no other way to get Dhairya. Santoshi says yes, I will try, person does not come in world by learning everything. Kaka says great. Santoshi sees the dvd.

Riya dances and smiles. Dhairya and Devi Paulmi look on. Riya says I know I m fab dancer, I don’t need practice. Dhairya says that’s why I chose this task. Devi Paulmi says Madhu is training Santoshi. Dhairya says Santoshi does not know dance. Kaka asks Santoshi to move her neck and hands, like the girl is doing. Santoshi practices. He says very good, do like this, see her hand movements. Santoshi practices and says I can’t do this, its very touch, don’t know how people do this. Kaka sits on remote and song changes. They see And tv’s promo of You think you can dance, its easy to dance. Kaka asks did you see what Madhuri ji said, anyone can dance. Santoshi plays another dvd and laughs seeing the boy doing Charlie Chaplin act. Kaka laughs.

Its morning, Devi Paulmi welcomes everyone in the dance competition. She says Riya and Santoshi will have a tough competition, the one who loses will have to leave this house. She welcomes Riya. Everyone clap. Dhairya and Riya come there. Devi Paulmi calls Santoshi. Dhairya asks what happened, is Santoshi scared to come. Santoshi comes there as Charlie Chaplin. Madhu gets shocked. Riya smiles and hugs Dhairya. He wishes her all the best.

Riya dances on Kamli song…………. Dhairya and Devi Paulmi smile. Riya dances well. Dhairya claps and hugs her. Madhu gets worried. Devi Paulmi calls Santoshi to present her dance. Santoshi comes there and is nervous. Dhairya asks her to get her insult done. Riya laughs. Devi Paulmi asks what happened, start dancing. Madhu thinks its useless to have hope from Santoshi. Kaka asks Santoshi to dance and show her talent, its for her husband, you have to win so that your relation does not lose, you will win, do it. She takes Kaka’s blessings.

Santoshi prays to Santoshi Maa. She starts dancing well. Madhu smiles seeing her. Everyone clap for Santoshi. Devi Paulmi says competition is between two people, why should we see them one by one, we can decide easily when we make them dance together and see. Dhairya says you said right. Devi Paulmi asks Riya to come, this time Riya and Santoshi will dance together. She asks them to start dancing. Santoshi Maa looks on.

Riya and Santoshi start dancing. Madhu and Kaka are glad seeing Santoshi matching to Riya’s talent. Riya gets angry and throws something to make Santoshi fall. Santoshi does not fall and continues dancing. Riya falls down. Dhairya and Devi Paulmi get shocked. Madhu and everyone clap for Santoshi.

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