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Santoshi Maa 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi asking Dadi to come along, they will go hospital. Dadi refuses. Santoshi says fine, I will get haldi lep and that will heal wounds. Dhairya asks Dadi not to worry, they are here with her. Kaki thinks Dhairya and Santoshi did not come till now. Sinduri tells her that Santoshi is bad. Kaki scolds her and asks her to leave. Dhairya and Santoshi come home. Dhairya tells Kaki what all happened. Kaki says its good Dhairya you met Dadi, see Santoshi and Dadi’s relation to too strong that Santoshi felt her pain. She asks them to go and sleep.

Dakshi says Dhairya got Santoshi at night, how is he liking Santoshi now. Daksha and everyone treat Dadi well. Dadi refuses to have food by them and Sharmili. Tinu asks Dadi to have food by his hands. He says I know how to convince

you. He sings Dadi Amma maan jao…. Dadi smiles and eats food.

Dhairya asks the man did he like his project. The man asks him to get guarantee by Pratap, only then he will give this deal. Sinduri asks servant about Santoshi. Pushpa says she used to work here as us, but since she came from funeral, Dhairya started liking her. Sinduri thinks he likes me, I will see Santoshi. She goes to Santoshi and asks are you still the same. Santoshi asks what. Sinduri says you are like I was before. Santoshi asks how can this happen, how can two people be same. Sinduri thinks I m thinking the same. She stumbles and Santoshi cares for her. Sinduri goes.

Santoshi tells Kaki that Sinduri talks strange things. Kaki says yes, don’t know how Pratap got her here. Sinduri hears them and says how to tell them I m real Santoshi. Kaki makes laddoos and feeds Santoshi. She says I made you eat first as you are lovely bahu of my house. Santoshi likes it a lot. Madhu looks on and thinks Santoshi is happy making laddoos with Maa ji, I won’t let my place move from this house.

Dhairya comes home tired and asks Pushpa to get water. Sinduri gets water and smiles seeing him, thinking to give him head massage. He takes water and asks her to leave. Kaki sits with Dhairya. Dhairya is worried and tells her that man wants guarantee from Pratap. She says Pratap will give guarantee. He asks you think so. She says yes, come, we will talk to him.

Madhu cries and tells Pratap how everyone is treating her, after she did so much for them. Pratap asks her not to cry, don’t waste tears for them, I promise I will take revenge of every tear from Santoshi. She smiles.

Kaki asks Pratap to give guarantee for Dhairya’s project. Pratap agrees and says I have a condition. Dhairya asks what. Santoshi hides and hears them. Pratap says Dhairya will give statement against Santoshi in court that she attacked Madhu, tell me, d you agree, I m Madhu’s husband and want this. He recalls Madhu’s troubles because of Santoshi, and says it was Madhu’s good fate that she survived, else Santoshi was killing Madhu, Dhairya will you ruin your career for that maid, Madhu loves you so much, give statement against Santoshi, I promise I will make your factory, I also want to see you successful, tell me. Dhairya gets angry and says you are my elder brother, Santoshi is my wife, this house’s bahu, if you call her maid, then I will forget you are my elder brother.

Pratap fumes and drinks water. He says you are forgetting that married Santoshi against your wish, I love Madhu and I will take revenge. Dhairya says I love my wife the most, I don’t want your guarantee which takes my life. Kaki smiles and says Dhairya got mature. Pratap says Maa you should explain him, Dhairya will be finished. Kaki asks who are you to decide, we don’t need any stranger’s help, come Dhairya. They leave.

Gaumata and Santoshi Maa are happy seeing Dhairya’s love for Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says the question is Dhairya loved which avatar of Santoshi.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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