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The Episode starts with Santoshi packing bags. Dadi and Sharmili explain her that Dhairya loves her. Santoshi says its not love, its his ego and pride on money. Sharmili asks her to think once before going. Dhairya talks to lawyer about divorce matter. Lawyer asks him to meet counselor. Dhairya asks him to make papers. Lawyer asks him to get valid reason. Dhairya says write reason, my wife is mad. He thinks Santoshi is not mad, but I will make you mad to win this case. Devi Paulmi is glad. Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa to do something, why is Santoshi not calling you for help. Santoshi Maa says I m also thinking the same. Devi Paulmi laughs and says Santoshi Maa can’t help Santoshi now, as she is trapped in bad spirits, I m doing my work well.

Narad meets Santoshi Maa and tells that Devi

Paulmi was hiding something and taking it, I could not see what was that. Gaumata worries that Devi Paulmi can create big problem. Santoshi Maa asks when is Brahmadev coming, we have to keep an eye on Devi Paulmi. They get news that Brahmadev is coming and everyone is called to Devsabha. Santoshi Maa says we have to go there so that we tell him about Devi Paulmi’s doings. Devi Paulmi says I have reached close to success, I have to get water from his kamaldal, I will do something which Santoshi Maa can’t even imagine. Everyone greet Brahmadev. He thanks Devi Paulmi for managing his work well. She says no, I could not manage everything well in your absence, something happened in devlok which will shock you, the rule is broke. He asks her to tell everything in detail. She complains about Santoshi Maa breaking rule for Gaumata. He asks are you sure. She says entire dev sabha knows this.

He asks Santoshi Maa is this true what Devi Paulmi is saying. Santoshi Maa says its true that I freed Gaumata, not to keep rules intact. Devi Paulmi asks what rules did you keep, yiu have broke the rules. Santoshi Maa says Swami and sevak have rights in devlok, according to which, Swami can’t make sevak/servant do any work which troubles the servant. She tells what Devi Paulmi did, she made Gaumata work a lot, is this not breaking rules. He asks Gaumata is Santoshi Maa saying true. Gaumata says yes. He says Devi Paulmi, whatever Santoshi Maa did is right, Devta or human, he can’t be too big that he can’t see other’s pain, you should have been careful. Narad smiles.

Devi Paulmi accepts her mistake and says I did not know these rules, you can punish me. He says Devtas get sevak by their nature, its not right to change their place, Gaumata did first mistake by pity, so she should get credit, I free Gaumata of punishment. They all smile. Gaumata thanks him. Devi Paulmi thinks my plan failed, I have to workout other plan. She goes to Brahmadev and apologizes. She makes his pot fall and takes the water. He asks her to go and take rest. She thinks Santoshi Maa, I will write bad time for you and your devotees. Narad says Mata, if you allow me, shall I tell everything to Brahmadev. Santoshi Maa says its not right time now, Devi Paulmi is doing her work cleverly, its foolishness to say anything without proof. Brahmadev ends the devsabha.

Santoshi says my heart is restless. Dadi pacifies her. Sharmili comes home tensed. Dhairya comes and asks am I your tension, I want to buy new house for my baby, I hope you allow me. Santoshi asks him to do anything for his baby. He says I want your sign on it. She sees the papers and recalls how he cheated her last time. She calls Sharmili and asks her to read papers. Sharmili gets scared of Dhairya and lies to her. Santoshi signs on the divorce papers.

Santoshi says you end the misunderstandings in heart. He says I will not argue, whatever I m doing is for baby and bright future, it can happen just by money power. She thinks how to get him out of this. Gaumata says Santoshi is getting cheated. Santoshi Maa says her heart is clean so she did not know this, if she called me, I would have helped her, but why is she not calling me. Sharmili thinks I did wrong or right. She recalls Dhairya telling her that he can help her to get Guddu, if she does his work. He says this is divorce papers, I want Santoshi’s sign, I promise Guddi will be with you. Santoshi asks Sharmili what is she thinking, did you read papers well. Sharmili lies. Dadi and Tinu come. Tinu asks Sharmili to get icecream for him. Sharmili asks Santoshi to come temple as well. Santoshi says no, Dhairya will get angry. Sharmili says no, I m with you. Dadi asks Santoshi to go. Santoshi agrees. Gaumata says Santoshi is going temple. Santoshi Maa says I m waiting for the moment when she prays to me.

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    I guess this show is all about good verses evil. However, I fail to understand why the head god who is all seeing and powerful left an evil goddess in charge. The whole story is gradually falling apart. Also what happened to Pratap did he become invisible or did he just vanished in a puff of smoke.

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