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The Episode starts with Nikhil and his wife apologizing. Santoshi says no need to apologize, Dhairya is my husband, I don’t feel bad. Kaka says Dhairya got such good wife, if Nikhil explains, maybe he will understand, I got old now, he thinks my words is joke. Nikhil’s wife says we did not know this, Dhairya should value his lovely wife, I will talk to her.

Daksha counts money and Seshnath says be satisfied with what you got, I got 15000rs and half yours and half mine. Daksha says I know you well, tell me how much you took, I will call Madhu and ask. Seshnath thinks if Daksha calls Madhu, it will be problem. He stops Daksha and says its fine if money is less, think how did this money come, whose idea was this. She says I want my full share. He says I took 5000rs. Madhuri argues and says

Seshnath gave this idea.

Bittoo, Dadi and Tinu come there and see them fighting. Tinu asks Dadi not to worry, nothing would happen to Santoshi. Dhairya gets ready and comes. Nikhil says we met after long time. Anju came too, I thought to take Bhabhi along. Dhairya says she is your not Bhabhi, my marriage with Santoshi happened in strange situation, I don’t regard her wife, I feel she is punishment. Nikhil says you married her, accept her with a good heart. Anuj makes Santoshi ready and gets her. Madhu looks on. Santoshi dresses well. Dhairya looks at her.

Anju says Dhairya, your wife is beautiful. Nikhil says yes, take Santoshi along. Madhu gets angry on Kaka. Madhu comes there smiling. Anuj asks her to tell Dhairya to take Santoshi ahead. Madhu thinks I came to stop them, and they trapped me. Nikhil also requests Madhu. Madhu asks Dhairya to take Santoshi with them.

Dhairya agrees. Everyone smile. Madhu thinks Dhairya agreed in my one saying. Vajramushti forms and says you said I will get mukti by dying in Devlok, but I turned into ashes and did not get moksh. She says you were my son, I did not know this would happen, I m sad that your soul did not get moksh, I take an oath that till I don’t get your soul free from Devtas, I will not keep quiet, you were my ansh, I will get justice for my son. He disappears.

Dhairya leaves with Santoshi, Nikhil and Anju. Devi Paulmi takes ashes in hand and says whats sorrow to lose ansh, I will make Devi Santoshi realize this sorrow by making her away from her devotees, Santoshi Maa’s identity will be away from her devotee’s heart, then Devtas will be helpless to free your soul, I will start this work with Santoshi.

Santoshi sees herself and says I m really looking good, she talks to Santoshi Maa and says Dhairya agreed to take me as his wife, I know its my your blessings. Devi Santoshi smiles. Devi Paulmi recalls Vajramushti and cries. She says its because of Devi Santoshi, I could not meet my son in his final time, Devi Santoshi gave me big sorrow, I will also do something which Devi Santoshi and her devotee Santoshi did not imagine.

Santoshi Maa tells Santoshi did not let her belief on sindoor break. Devi Paulmi says I will make your devotee away from her family and society, I will not leave Santoshi, she will be scared to see her reflection, I will make sindoor colorless and there won’t be any happiness, I will ruin your beauty. She throws some ashes and says these ashes are enough to ruin your life Santoshi.

Dhairya says we have to leave today itself. Santoshi prays and leaves. The ashes get on Santoshi and she starts getting itching. Dhairya asks her to come soon. Devi Paulmi says Devi Santoshi saved your face, how will you save your body, my son was very powerful, you will know this by his ashes. Santoshi says whats happening to me and washes her hands. Dhairya says we are leaving. She says I m coming. She covers her hands and goes out.

Nikhil and Anju sit in backseat. Dhairya asks Nikhil to come in front seat. Nikhil says Santoshi will sit with you, I had to sit with Anju. Santoshi comes. Anuj asks her to sit in front seat, Dhairya is missing her. Santoshi sits with Dhairya. They leave. Kaka asks them to do puja well and take care of Santoshi. He smiles happily.

Nikhil and Tanu sing song. Nikhil asks Dhairya why is Santoshi shy, ask her to join us. Anju asks Santoshi to sing a good song. Nikhil says yes, nice idea, sing for us. Santoshi says I don’t know singing. They insist. Dhairya says leave it. Nikhil asks her to tell Santoshi for their sake. Dhairya says I m sorry. Nikhil says fine, stop the car, we will get down. Dhairya says wait, give me some time. He asks Santoshi to sing song as they are requesting. She looks at him.

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