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Santoshi Maa 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap telling Kaki that Sinduri has seen him there and started blackmailing him, did not wish my and Ankur’s relation truth to be known to everyone, so I have hidden this. He cries. Santoshi asks him to accept his sin, and bring his truth out. Kaki says Santoshi is saying right, go and rest. Pratap goes. Dhairya says I don’t trust Pratap, I feel he is acting to get our sympathy, he never thought of Maa till now. Kaki says I don’t think his tears are fake. Dhairya says no, he did not tell anyone about Ankur, how shall we trust him. Ujwal hears them and thinks to apply tadka. Kaki agrees with Dhairya. Ujwal says I heard Ankur telling Madhu that he will create problems for Dhairya and Santoshi. Dhairya says I will kick him out. Santoshi stops Dhairya and asks him not

to kick out Ankur, because he has right on this house like us.

Dhairya says you are taking Ankur’s side. She says no, I m saying, he is Pratap’s son and has rights, did you think why is he doing this, he has seen problems since childhood, he has bitterness in his heart, try to understand him. Dhairya says what does he think, what did we do. She says he feels we cheated him, its not his mistake. Ujwal says we have to stop him, he has hurt Santoshi, I don’t think her idea will work. She says Ankur is doing this intentionally to irritate us, till when will he do all this, he will worry and stop doing this. Ujwal says he won’t lose easily. Dhairya says Ujwal is right. Santoshi asks him to do as she says once. Dhairya agrees.

Its morning, Ankur goes to Santoshi and asks for tea. She ignores him and asks him not to test Dhairya and Santoshi, they have patience and contentment, we are Santoshi Maa’s devotees, leave from here, else I will go. He asks why are you going. Madhu asks Ankur you here. He asks any stress. Madhu says I wanted to make you meet Pratap’s guests. Santoshi says Ankur will make food, else why is he here. Madhu asks Ankur not to talk to poor people. Santoshi asks why did Ankur come here. Madhu scolds her and leaves from Ankur. Dhairya comes to Santoshi and says I saw Madhu and Ankur leaving, did they say anything. She says no, Ankur was not letting me cook, don’t get angry, Madhu said Ankur will not trouble again. He says I want peace too. She asks him to go and sit, I will make breakfast. He asks shall I help you in cooking food, I want to cook. She says fine. He holds her and romances. She smiles.

Madhu tells Sharma about the new boss Ankur Mishra, he is my son who was in abroad till now. Sharma says Pratap did not tell me about him. Madhu says maybe he forgot, Ankur will manage everything now. Ankur assures her the same. Madhu asys I want to show office and factory to my son. Sharma leaves.

Madhu and Ankur are on the way. Madhu calls Santoshi and asks her to give sweets box to office peon. Santoshi gives the packet to the man. Madhu and Ankur come back home in evening. Madhu asks him to do his work now, try to work from home. Ankur says I will see both work well. She says I will go and freshen up, ask Santoshi for tea till then. Ankur calls out Santoshi.

Madhu shouts and tells everyone that all her jewelry is stolen, nothing is left. She blames Santoshi. Santoshi says you told me to give sweet box to peon. Madhu denies and says Santoshi is mad, am I mad to keep sweet box in cupboard. Dhairya says santoshi can’t lie. Madhu aks where shall I find my jewelry. Ankur says I think I should call police.

He calls Inspector and tells about Santoshi not accepting her crime. Dhairya says you won’t change. Kaki asks Madhu why is she calling police. Madhu says my jewelry is lost, now we will decide after police comes. Santoshi Maa thinks Madhu has planned this against Santoshi, I hope Santoshi manages.

Sharmili asks Guddu about his job. Guddu says I will be late, I will get Papa get job in Sweety’s office. Daksha says you are helping everyone, do something of Janardhan, I know he is useless. He says Sweety is sensitive, she can get scared seeing Janardhan. Daksha asks him to try. He says fine, I will try.

Police does not get anything in Madhu’s room. Madhu blames Santoshi. Dhairya says we know Santoshi does not lie. Madhu lies. Pratap also gives statement that he has seen Santoshi taking jewelry. Everyone get shocked. Pratap says I have seen Santoshi leaving from Madhu’s room. Madhu smiles.

No Precap in AND tv video episode.

Update Credit to: Amena

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