Santoshi Maa 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ankur asking Madhu to come. Madhu asks where. Ankur says where you will get peace, come, I will tell you. Madhu smiles. Santoshi and Dhairya make the men keep all the solar units inside the house. Ankur and Madhu come to their house. Ankur says so Paras shifted all items here, we have hurt Dhairya and Santoshi’s hearts in party, its time to sprinkle salt on their wounds. She says yes. He asks her to hide this box in saree, and keep it there when you get chance. She asks whats this. He says I will tell you later, this box should not open. She says fine and takes the box. Dhairya says I thought I will buy happiness by selling the panels, now our remaining happiness is also snatched, how will we sell this in 10days. Santoshi says happiness will come, this will be sold. She

tells him an inspiring story.

Dhairya says it happens in stories, not in real life. She says stories are made of life, not by mind. Madhu comes and asks are solar panels sold here. Ankur and Madhu taunt them. Santoshi says you are scared that we will progress ahead of you by your sense and hardwork. Dhairya scolds Madhu. Ankur says we came to help you, we can buy all your solar panels and can help you, but there is a condition, you have to beg to Madhu.

Santoshi stops Dhairya. Dhairya pushes Ankur out if the house. Madhu keeps the box there and goes with Ankur. She says I did my work, tell me whats in that box. Ankur says their death. They leave. Santoshi asks Dhairya not to get angry and gives him water. The snake comes out of the box. Snake goes towards Santoshi. Someone knocks the door. Snake goes towards the box.

Dhairya opens the door and sees Paras with inspector. Paras asks Dhairya to tell everything to inspector so that they can catch culprit. Dhairya tells everything. Paras says I know you did not do anything intentionally, but I m badly trapped by your carelessness. Santoshi says we will bring you of this problem in 10days. Dhairya says yes, trust us, we will sell the panels. Paras says I wish this happens. Inspector says don’t worry, we have many ways to catch culprit, you can file fraud case, cyber cell will find out who has sent the mail. Paras and police leave.

Seshnath and Daksha argue to do the work and spoil the things. Guddu and Sweety come and see this. Guddu asks them what are they doing. Seshnath says I did not do anything. Sweety says its fine, just a vase broke, we are getting late for shopping. They leave. Seshnath says we will go to Madhu and ask her who is her fav servant. Ujwal asks Pratap what is he thinking, he could not shoot Madhu. Pratap says yes, I lost a good chance. Ujwal says go and end your work. Pratap says I can’t do it now, I have to think for some other way, I can’t live this suffocated life.

Santoshi pacifies Dhairya. He kisses her hand. Jis pal tu saath mere……….plays………. She hugs him. Bubbly comes and says I have spread the news of solar panel, and got one customer. Dhairya asks how many solar panel you want. The man asks for 2 panels. Dhairya asks what, you go, we don’t have to sell panels. Santoshi asks what did you go. Dhairya scolds Bubbly. Santoshi says she was thinking for our good. Bubbly says its fine, I did not feel bad. She asks Bubbly to call the man. She tells Dhairya that we have to start with any amount. Dhairya says if we can’t sell 2500 panels, we will be in jail. Bubbly says the man went. Dhairya says good he went. The man comes and says sorry, I came again, I thought you got annoyed because of 2 panels, give me 5% discount, I will but 3 panels. He gives money and goes. Bubbly asks for shagun.

Santoshi says yes, first Dhairya should agree. Dhairya says I won’t agree, we can’t sell 2500 panels like this. Santoshi says we can sell it. Bubbly says hero succeeds in films. He says this is real life, business does not happen like this. Santoshi says I know, but person can do anything with determination. He says fine, sell 2 panels. Santoshi smiles. Bubbly hugs Santoshi. Santoshi gives her commission. Santoshi Maa tells Gaumata that Dhairya is realizing reality now. Gaumata says yes, human journey can be long, but every phase breaks his pride.

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