Santoshi Maa 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone thanking Santoshi maa for saving Rudrakshi. Santoshi Maa thanks Mahadev for protecting her devotee. He says you did the miracle, your tapp awakened me. Santoshi says thanks for respecting my motherly love. Rudrakshi wakes up and asks what an I doing here, we were in party. Santoshi says yes and hugs her. Mahadev tells them that Devi Paulmi tried to attack on my ansh, she should be ready to bear my anger now. She plays the dumroo in anger. Everyone in lok hear the sound.

Rudrakhsi tells Seshnath that its really her, she has shown courage. Seshnath says yes, you can do anything. Madhuri and Daksha smile. Kaka says Santoshi took Rudrakshi to temple and stopped a disaster. Djairya agrees. He says I won’t leave that doctor. Santoshi says leave it, Rudrakshi is fine,

what else we want. Rudrakshi says I want another birthday party. Kaka says we will keep grand party. Seshnath says we will decorate house. Madhuri and Daksha say we will make good dishes. Kaka laughs. Dhairya says they just think of food.

Narad greets Devi Paulmi and apologizes to enter her palace this way, but he was helpless, he came to give her imp news, if she feels she should punish him, she can. She says tell me news first. He says Mahadev is much angry on you. She says I also felt so by hearing dumroo sound. He says right, you know his anger fire, he asked Devi Parvati to ruin you. She says help me and tell some solution to get saved from Mahadev’s anger, you are not Dev, but a Rishi.

He says you said right, but my Dharm is not to help a criminal, I don’t want you to get punished, else there will be war between Devlok and Asurlok again, just go and apologize to Mahadev, his heart is soft like flowers, he will forgive you, don’t waste time. She says your suggestion is right, but because of Brahmadev’s curse, I can’t go out of my palace, give some other idea. He says if this is the case, then there is one solution left. She asks what. He says Mata Santoshi, she can get you forgiven, if you agree, I can go to her and request. She says never, you came to help me or insult, asking Santoshi Maa’s help is impossible, thanks, I will get forgiveness from Mahadev myself.

Rudrakshi asks Santoshi to get big cake for her. Santoshi says I will get entire shop for you. Seshnath says inspector has come. Inspector says I had to give imp info, Trishna and her mum have run away from jail, be careful.

They all get worried. Santoshi hugs Rudrakshi. She says we have to do something. Dhairya recalls Rudrakshi’s state. Rudrakshi asks what happened. Santoshi asks are you fine. He says yes and hugs them. He says I can’t lose you both, I don’t understand what to do, I will increase security and fix CCTV. She asks him to calm down. He says you know Trishna is so dangerous. Rudrakshi says we won’t find any way by getting worried, Trishna is powerful, she can do anything. He asks what shall I do. She says Santoshi Maa will show us some way. Santoshi asks him to belief Maa and stop worrying. Dhairya nods and hugs them.

Gaumata says Mata, Trishna and Kamini have run away, it means Trishna got her powers back, we have to do something to secure them. Santoshi Maa says we have to make Rudrakshi ahead now. They are called by Mata Parvati. Santoshi Maa says we will think of this solution after coming back. Devi Paulmi does some havan and prays to Mahadev. She apologizes. Santoshi says you have to eat well. Rudrakshi agrees. Santoshi says you are my life. Rudrakshi tells Santoshi that she loves her a lot. Santoshi says I know and kisses her forehead. She says sorry its deep wound, don’t know how will mark go. Rudrakshi says it will go. Daksha comes and says I have a way to clear this mark. Dhairya comes and asks Santoshi will she have tea. Santoshi asks you are asking this. He says you think I can’t tea, I will make it. She thinks what happened to him, he never steps in kitchen, is this Trishna. She stops him and asks how did they get married. He asks why are you asking this. She thinks her doubt is right. She gets a knife and asks him to answer, prove it he is her husband, else she will stab him. He gets shocked.

Santoshi gets shocked seeing Trishna and shouts to Dhairya. Devi Parvati says I will calm down after killing Devi Paulmi. Everyone in devlok gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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