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The Episode starts with Riya acting to defend herself. She says I thought you all will trust me, and not this maid, I don’t care, as I have come here for my love. I will not go anywhere, I will stay here and make my relation legal, I will see who stops me. She goes to her room. Dhairya says you all did not do this right, no one will interfere in my life. Pratap gets angry. Madhu stops Pratap. Madhu says Dhairya, you are angry now, go to your room, we will talk later. Dhairya goes. Santoshi Maa looks on. Kaka says we will explain Dhairya. Madhu says I will talk to him later.

Santoshi Maa says Santoshi is true and true people support her, no one can break Santoshi and Dhairya’s pairing. Gau mata says Devi Paulmi is there, she will try to break them. Devi Paulmi asks Riya to do something to

cover up her mistake. Riya asks what will we do. Devi Paulmi tells her plan. Riya says not a bad idea and smiles. She goes. Devi Paulmi thinks I have to make your heart jealous and greedy.

Kaka tells Santoshi that you proved woman can take Chandi’s avatar when problems come on her husband and family. Kaki says yes, we are with you. Santoshi says I did this for Dhairya, till I expose Riya, I will not leave from this house.

Riya orders tea. Santoshi gets tea and says its for Dhairya, I did not get tea for you, you are no one. Riya says how dare you and raises hand. Santoshi holds her hand and warns her. She says I m Dhairya’s wife. I will not let him get ruined, clean this mess. Riya gets angry. Dhairya comes and asks what happened. Riya tells everything. He says how dare she, I will see her. Riya asks him to explain family, I can’t take this insult by a maid, ask your family do they want your happiness or keeping Santoshi here. He says relax, I will talk to them.

Devi Paulmi says I think Santoshi will succeed in making Riya leave. Madhu says once Riya goes, I will make Santoshi dance on my fingers. Riya hears them and thinks to make Madhu helpless and kick out Santoshi, thanks to Paulmi who called me here to know your plan. Devi Paulmi signs her. Riya goes. Devi Paulmi thinks her devotees should increase.

Santoshi prays and says I feel bad for Dhairya, who can’t see Riya’s fake love, bless me to expose Riya’s truth. Santoshi Maa blesses her. Kaka and Kaki pray to Santoshi Maa for Santoshi’s happiness. They wish Dhairya accepts Santoshi. Dhairya shouts and calls all of them to talk. Madhu asks Dhairya why did he call them. Dhairya says Santoshi made my life hell, I don’t want her here, if she stays here then.. Madhu says calm down, we will talk. Dhairya aims gun at his head. They all get shocked.

Dhairya says if Santoshi does not go today, I will shoot myself. Santoshi asks Madhu to stop Dhairya. Everyone ask Dhairya to stop. He asks them to deice whether Santoshi stays here or not, if decision is not in my favor, I will shoot myself. Pratap asks whats this madness. Santoshi asks Dhairya to listen. Dhairya says stay away, else I will shoot you. She says I m ready to die, if you get happiness by doing so, but I won’t let you end life for the girl who came to ruin you. Riya says she is lying. Kaka says enough Riya, Santoshi never lies.

Kaka asks Dhairya to calm down and think. Dhairya threatens them. Devi Paulmi says Dhairya is right, he will have just one wife. Kaka says yes, Santoshi will be his wife. Devi Paulmi says we should test both Riya and Santoshi, and find serving girl. Dhairya says I won’t agree for this. Devi Paulmi says I want you to get deserving wife, get justice, listen to me once. She tells her plan in his ears. She says so its decided, both girls have to do task which Dhairya says, the one who succeeds will stay here and other will leave. She asks Dhairya what does he want them to do. Dhairya says Santoshi broke my relation with Riya, she has to do break dance. Riya smiles.

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  1. we live in India so u can show anything we all know how strict is our law just because of dat devi paulmi is dancing on filmy songs other devas and devis are helpless dis is enough now viewers plz wake up to save de image of ur god.

  2. I enjoy this series, but why should a Paulmi suggest a dancing competition? Does applying vermillion on Santoshi forehead not mean anything? Story-line getting silly. Please let Santoshi get some happiness.

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