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Santoshi Maa 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi getting unwell as she is hungry. Tinu asks Daksha shall I take food for Dadi. Daksha scolds him and feeds him food. Dadi cries and prays. Sharmili says I did not wish to do this with Dadi, but she did such thing that we had to punish her. Madhuri tells Seshnath that Dadi will die in few days. Dadi says Santoshi Maa, what days am I seeing, my children think I m thief. Dhairya holds Santoshi’s hand and stops her. She recalls his words. He says I got habitual to see you. She asks him to sleep on bed and she will sleep on couch. He recalls her words and asks what happened, you forgot your promise. He holds her face. Sinduri looks inside the room. Dhairya shuts the door. Dhairya sees Santoshi slept and smiles. He also sleeps.

Guddu flirts with Sharmili and asks her

to leave all the talks now, I was thinking to take you out. She says I don’t want to go out, first solve this matter. He asks how can I do this. She says I can’t stay in this house where Dadi is robbing. He says fine. She asks him to agree to her, else she won’t answer anything. He says I m getting romantic and you are doing drama. She goes. He gets angry. Tinu goes to Dadi and asks her to get up and have food. Dadi cries. Tinu gives her a roti, and Sharmili stops him. She takes the roti and calls Daksha there. Daksha comes and scolds Dadi asking her not to make Tinu a thief. Dadi falls down and gets hurt. Santoshi wakes up and says Dadi. She tells Dhairya that I feel Dadi is unwell. He says we will go in morning. She says no, I feel restless, we will go now. He agrees.

Sinduri was trying to hear them. He opens the door. She runs and Dhairya stops her and asks what were you doing here. She says I came to have water. He says kitchen is that side. Santoshi says talk to her later, come.

Daksha drinks water and hears car sound. She sees Santoshi and recalls how Santoshi has beaten her. She screams and runs. Santoshi asks what happened. Dhairya says Santoshi got fine, she is not mad. Santoshi goes to meet Dadi. Dadi cries seeing her. Santoshi asks what happened to you. Santoshi asks Dhairya to see Dadi has wound on her forehead. Dhairya says we will take Dadi to hospital. Seshnath tells Madhuri that Dhairya is always annoyed with Santoshi, we will fill his ears. Daksha says Santoshi is mad and thinks everyone is ill and mad.

Santoshi says Dadi got much hurt. Madhuri says she is mad. Seshnath asks Dhairya not to waste time. Dhairya asks them to shut up, who has hurt Dadi, tell me. They all get shocked. Tinu signs to Daksha. Seshnath asks Daksha did you do this. Dhairya says Daksha should get shame. Daksha says I did not do this, Sharmili did this. Sharmili gets shocked.

Dhairya says you also started acting like them, you don’t respect elders. Sharmili says if Daksha is afraid of Dhairya, I will take blame on me, but who is Dhairya to say in our matter. Dhairya says I m son in law of this house, if you trouble Dadi, I will come and see you. Sharmili asks Guddu to scold Dhairya. Guddu asks how can I say anything to Dhairya, its good if we are silent. Dhairya asks Guddu to explain his wife, and you all listen to me, if anyone hurts Dadi, I will make you all fine. Santoshi looks on.

Sinduri goes to Dhairya’s room and sits on the bed. She says I will have rights here, I will expose Santoshi’s lie soon, I will tell them that you are fraud and I m real Santoshi. She sees Dhairya’s pic and says my hero and all this will be mine. She hugs his pic and smiles.

Yamdev asks Santoshi Maa why did she call him. She asks why are Santoshi and Sinduri bearing punishment for devlok mistake, we should do something. He says yes, we have to make Sinduri realize she is not Santoshi and she lost her memory. She asks him to do this work soon. He says as you command Mata and goes. She smiles.


Kaki asks Pratap to help Dhairya financially. Pratap agrees and asks Dhairya to give statement in court against Santoshi. Santoshi hides and hears them. Dhairya and Kaki get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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