Santoshi Maa 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya showing the video clip of Santoshi dancing in a function. Everyone get shocked. Lawyer says Dhairya always gave respect and love to his wife, but his wife behaves as mad. Santoshi thinks its a lie, someone made me have bhaang and Dhairya came to save me that day, today he is misguiding everyone. Lawyer says Santoshi is mentally sick, she has killed her baby in womb, if she stays with Dhairya, his life is in risk too. Santoshi says he said right, I killed my baby. They all get shocked.

Santoshi cries. Her lawyer says she is saying this as she got the shock by her child’s death. Judge says I understand, but this video proves she gets mental attacks, you can prove this wrong if you want. Kaka says its a plan against Santoshi. Judge asks him to sit calm. Kaka

says its all lie. Santoshi’s lawyer asks for some time. Judge says court can’t give more time to this case. Santoshi’s lawyer talks to her family.

He says we have no proof now. Judge says seeing all evidence and hearing everything, court accepts the divorce, they are given 6 months time, they can stay together till then if they want. Dhairya says Santoshi can stay in her house. Dadi says which house, we are staying on other’s favors, we can’t bear Santoshi’s burden. Santoshi thinks what happened to Dadi. Daksha and Madhuri also say the same that they can’t keep Santoshi. Judge says Santoshi will stay with her husband in his house for the next 6 months, she can get chance to make her relation better.

Dhairya and Trishna get shocked. Trishna asks lawyer to do anything, but make Santoshi out of Dhairya’s house. Lawyer asks her to make Santoshi angry and attack on someone, then I will prove Dhairya can’t stay with her. Trishna says you will hear this soon. He says then she will be out of that house. She says but if she stays back at home then. He says I guarantee that I will prove her mad in court. She thinks to make Santoshi out of Dhairya’s house.

Gaumata says Santoshi is getting small chance to make things better, but Trishna wants to end that chance too. Santoshi Maa says I see less hope in their relation now, Santoshi’s husband is just insulting her. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi going in that house can create trouble for Trishna, I can’t help Trishna, Devi Santoshi will protect her devotee, Trishna can’t be helpless, I m Asur Kanya and have to do anything. I will request Asur raj and make my place in devlok.

Dadi tells Kaka that she said that and Santoshi would have felt much bad. Kaka says don’t worry, we will take care of Santoshi. He asks Santoshi to come home. Trishna and Dhairya leave. Gaumata says I don’t see any way out of this. Santoshi Maa says you are right, its test of devotion that human finds hope, Santoshi’s staying with Dhairya is her test, coming time will show will she pass or not.

Kaka gets Santoshi home. Kaka says Santoshi will not go anywhere. Santoshi says I can stay anywhere. Kaka says let me say, Dhairya is dancing on my head, Santoshi can create big problem for you if she wants. Dhairya says she has no life in her, she can’t do anything if I kick her out, stop threatening me. Kaka says if she wants, she can get half property on her name. Dhairya laughs.

Kaka says I m trying to explain you, if you trouble Santoshi, I will get her rights. Dhairya says you can’t do anything. Kaka says don’t trouble her, if my patience breaks, your ego will shatter. Trishna stops Dhairya. Seshnath acts like Hanuman. Everyone do not recognize him and think he is a thief. Madhuri says he is Seshnath. They all get shocked.

Devi Paulmi says none wants to help me in devlok, I will call Asur Raj. She greets Asur Raj and asks him to help. She tells her problem. He says this will not be right, just devgan can return your powers. She says I m tortured here, I m Asur kanya so cheating is happening with me, give me powers to place equality. He says I will not let my daughter get tortured, I will give you powers but…. you will have to get it renewed by me every Amavasya. She says its not a tough task, I will do this. He says fine, I will grant you powers. She gets the powers and smiles. She says see Devi Santoshi, how I use my Asur power and ruin your rule. She laughs.

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