Santoshi Maa 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa smiling seeing Devi Paulmi. She goes ahead and sees Kaka and Sanketh praying. The flickering diya gets stable by her sight. Kaka sees the diya. Santoshi Maa says I m Dr. Santoshi and a doctor asks her to come to operate Santoshi. Santoshi Maa goes to OT and makes a Swastik sign on it, so that Devi Paulmi fails to do anything. Devi Paulmi can’t enter in OT and goes to Dev lok. She shouts Devi Santoshi, you did not do this right and fumes…. The devlok turns red and fuming. Narad asks her to calm down. Devi Paulmi ruins everything in her anger and sends sand storms. Narad says Devi your anger has become volcano, and goes. Santoshi Maa asks doctor to get injection and sends him. She holds Santoshi’s head and says I know Santoshi, you faced many problems, but

person has to show devotion, this time was tough for you. She heals Santoshi.

Nurse tells Kaka and Sanketh that Dr. Santoshi came to treat Santoshi. Kaka says Santoshi’s devotion supported her. Devi Paulmi sees the greenery and a cow eating grass. She smiles and says Devi Santoshi you broke all limits, I will also not be bounded by limits, if Lord’s existence is not there, then devotee won’t get Lord, I decided now my anger will not be Santoshi, but on Devi Santoshi, if Devi is not there, where will be devotion.

She opens the gate for the cow. Gaumata sees the gate opened and smiles thinking how is Dev vatika door open today. Devi Paulmi comes there and sees Gaumata. Gaumata says its not right to go in Dev vatika, I m not permitted to go there, but my heart…. She turns to leave and thinks to see a beautiful Dev vatika. She says I m glad that I m vahan for Devi Santoshi, being greedy to see new things is not right. She thinks it can get her experience to see dev vatika. Devi paulmi comes as some fairy form and says dev vatika is so beautiful, Indra dev is very happy that anyone can enter it today. She goes inside dev vatika. Gaumata also goes in dev vatika. Devi Paulmi says great, now Gaumata will do that work which I could not do.

Doctor thanks Santoshi Maa for saving patient. She asks him to inform Santoshi’s family that she is out of danger now. She blesses Santoshi. Doctor tells Kaka that Santoshi is out of danger, she is fine now. Doctor says Dr. Santoshi saved her life. Kaka says we want to thank her. Doctor says she is in OT, I will call her. Santoshi Maa disappears. Doctor thinks where did she go, and tells Kaka that she left, maybe she was in hurry. Kaka says fine, thank her from our side.

Sanketh says Santoshi Maa heard our prayers, we should thank Mata. I will go to temple in evening and pray. Gaumata is amazed seeing dev vatika. She likes the golden grass there and thinks to eat it. Devi Paulmi says Gaumata eat the grass and see what happens. Gaumata turns into cow and eats grass. She is called by guards. They ask her how did she dare to come here in this vatika. Kaka says Dhairya got spoiled by love, I think I could not give him good values, I was helpless, I could not focus on him because of Vidya’s illness. Everyone come there and Madhu scolds Kaka for giving importance to servant than family. Nupur asks don’t you care for Dhairya. Kaka says you came to think for reputation, think about house, its getting ruined, I have no regrets, when Santoshi gets conscious, she will give this statement too. Madhu gets shocked.

Madhu says my son Dhairya. Inspector says truth will be out, I will take Santoshi’s statement first. He asks Santoshi how did she get hurt. Dhairya looks on from far.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I m 110% sure that shantoshi wont take dhairya’s name

  2. Yes kavya she is also shown as mahan atma

    1. Obviously all the Mahan atma’s present in serials like thapki (of thapki pyar Ki) then Poonam Thakur (of begusrai) Dhani (of IKRS) nd many others

  3. I think dhairya n santoshi will get married soon.

  4. Ya even i feel santoshi wl get married to dhairya!

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