Santoshi Maa 12th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya saying I bought this house. Santoshi tears papers. He shouts and slaps her. Some hours before, Daksha and Madhuri say Dhairya has become villain. Devi Paulmi angrily breaks pot and says I will get water from Brahmadev’s Kamaldal. Santoshi comes home from puja. Daksha makes her sit. Madhuri gets water. Santoshi says I think you will have a son, I will get gold earrings. Santoshi says fine, its its daughter. Sharmili says then Daksha will give you gold earrings. They laugh.

Santoshi asks Madhuri what happened, why did you get sad, are you missing Seshnath, he is annoyed and will come back. She asks Sharmili to take care of her mum in law, as she is also like mum. Sharmili agrees.

Devi Paulmi says my success is inside that workshop, but no one can enter

that workshop, but this stick can enter the space. She makes a way and enters the workshop. She says I have to do this work soon as I can’t shut this door. Narad comes there and does not find Devi Paulmi. He says she is not here, where did she go. He gets shocked seeing the door and says how did this door open in Brahmadev’s absence, did Devi Paulmi do this. She gets the bad spirits which will help her. She says I will try to get one of them, but how, this agni chakra will burn me.

Madhuri and Daksha argue. A man comes and tells something to Daksha. Daksha tells everyone. They get shocked and go to see. Narad tells Santoshi Maa that Devi Paulmi is misusing Brahmadev’s powers. Santoshi Maa says you be careful, is she using those spirits for bad things. He says sure.

Santoshi comes home and calls out everyone. Dhairya comes and says I bought this house, its my house now, read the papers, I told you my baby will be born in my house, whereever you will step, it will be mine. Santoshi thinks so everyone went. He says this is my house and you all have to take care of Santoshi, else I will kick you all out. Santoshi tears the papers and says this house is made by elders’ love, it will always be mine. He shouts Santoshi and slaps her. They all get shocked. He scolds her and leaves. Dadi says Dhairya threatened me that if I don’t sell this house to him, he will leave you, forgive me. She hugs Santoshi and cries.

She says don’t worry, this house is not special than you. Dhairya says she made my life hell, she is pregnant, so using my helplessness, once I get my baby, then I will show Santoshi her place. Devi Paulmi says I m trying to help you, how to get these bad spirits. Narad comes there. She sees the spirits and finds a way to get spirit out.

Narad says I can’t enter that book, I will stay outside and keep an eye on her, but I have to change my looks. He becomes a door and thinks its not wrong if I go inside, Devi Paulmi cheated and went there, but I can’t keep this disguise for long, I can come in danger because of her. She thinks to try once. She gets an idea and thinks why did I not think this before. Narad says this is safe place, I will stay here.

Devi Paulmi asks the stick to get the thing which Brahmadev uses to control spirits. She catches a spirit and laughs. Narad says if Devi Paulmi sees me, she will punish me too. Devi Paulmi comes out. He thinks whats in her hand, my doubt was right.

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