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The Episode starts with Sinduri running away. Pratap is finding out about Sinduri. Madhu comes to room and looks at him. She asks why are you worried for Sinduri. He says its because I got her in this house, if we don’t get her, we should file missing person’s FIR. She calls guard and asks him not to let Sinduri enter home if she comes. She says I don’t like you worrying for Sinduri, she can do anything, we can’t run after her, it will be good that she is not allowed inside house again. He thinks if I take tension about Sinduri, Madhu’s doubt can get definite. Sinduri runs away.

Brahmadev asks Devis why are they worried. Santoshi Maa says Devraj Indra was in bird’s avatar, now he is not such, is anyone scheming in devlok, how is our plan reaching that culprit. He says its possible

that Devi Paulmi is involved in this, she knows all things. He asks Santoshi Maa to keep trying to find the culprit.

Swarnrekha talks to Indra and says I want to enjoy every moment like you. She says you know devlok wants to make you away from me, but I won’t let this happen. She takes the gold fish in her hands and says you will always be close to me, now its time to change your avatar. She makes him a white pigeon, and cages him. She says men are controlled this way, we should not dedicate ourselves to men, if they go away, they won’t come close then.

Dhairya goes to washroom and hides towel. He thinks to tease Santoshi. He calls her out for towel. She says I kept it there. He goes and holds her. He says I was joking, I have hidden towel, did you think I will not believe you. She says anyone can do mistake. He says but I believe you a lot. She thinks what will happen when Sinduri comes and break his trust, Dhairya trusts me, shall I tell him or not.

Santoshi Maa does Dhyaan. She says whoever has kidnapped Indra, he is very clever and not keeping him in one avatar, so we have to find some other solution. Santoshi makes prasad and talks to Kaka. She says Dhairya is going to temple with me today. He says great, its by Santoshi Maa’s blessings. She says Sinduri is still eyeing our relation, she will come back any time. He says yes, we have to find out about her, she has that video recording. Swarnrekha asks Indra to see what she got for him. pigeon flies away. She looks for him and calls out. She says I have to find him soon, else it will be big disaster.

Santoshi and Kaka see Sinduri at the temple. Kaka asks Santoshi and Dhairya to go. Kaka stops Sinduri. She shouts to Dhairya and stops him. Dhairya asks her to go. She asks him to listen to her once. Kaka says we are getting late, come. Dhairya says no, we will hear her out, then she will leave. Sinduri says I have proof of my innocent, I have video recording. Santoshi worries. Sinduri tells him everything. She says she will proof who is true and who is false.

She says she lost her phone, trust me. Dhairya asks her to shut up, I don’t talk to liars and cheaters, go from here. Sinduri says wait, my phone would have fell somewhere here. She looks for her phone. She says maybe phone fell at Ankur’s place, if I go there, he will catch me again. Dhairya asks her to show video. She says I m saying true, I did that video recording. Kaka asks her to stop lying. Dhairya says enough of drama, its all clear now, just leave before I get angry. Kaka says I will call police. Sinduri asks him to be quiet. Dhairya asks don’t you have manners to talk to my Papa, you illiterate, just go and don’t show me your face again. She cries.

Pigeon reaches Santoshi Maa. Gaumata asks him to wait, as Santoshi Maa is doing Dhyaan. Swarnrekha comes there and asks Gaumata did my pigeon trouble you. Gaumata says no. Swarnrekha takes pigeon and says he has come from my Kaksh. She goes before Santoshi Maa opens eyes. Santoshi Maa asks Gaumata what was happening here. Gaumata says a pigeon has come here and Swarnrekha took him saying it came flying from her Kaksh. Santoshi Maa says even Indra is in bird form now. Gaumata says that pigeon sat here. Santoshi Maa sees Swastik at that place and says Devraj Indra came here as pigeon, did Swarnrekha made him pigeon.

Santoshi’s friend Chandni welcomes Santoshi. Her husband goes to get puja items. Dhairya recalls how he insulted Santoshi’s devotion and says I don’t deserve to walk on these stairs. She says Lord is not annoyed when devotee realizes mistake, don’t worry, come, Lord will accept your devotion.

A hawk flies to Swarnrekha and tries to snatch the pigeon. She asks hawk to go. Hawk takes pigeon along. She puts some fire on hawk and gets pigeon back. Hawk flies back to her. She gets injured by the hawk and blows on him. Hawk flies away. Swarnrekha asks Indra is he fine or did he get hurt. She says I won’t let anything happen to you, even if I have to risk my life.

Santoshi and Dhairya pray to Santoshi Maa. Sinduri prays to Naag devta and asks why did you not give me my love. Swarnrekha hears Sinduri’s call. She says she is my first devotee, why is she sounding angry, I have blessed her. She sees Sinduri. Sinduri prays to get blessing and says till you show me some way, I won’t go from here. She rings the bell. Santoshi Maa smiles seeing Santoshi and Dhairya doing her puja. Gaumata says its big victory to get husband and family, Santoshi has won her love today. Sinduri prays and faints. Swarnrekha sees Sinduri’s problem. Santoshi sings aarti and does puja with Dhairya. Santoshi asks him to put flowers. Dhairya takes blessings and puts flowers. It reaches Santoshi Maa and she blesses him. Three devis appear there. Gaumata says its good moment, Santoshi has shown her devotion and belief, even her husband is praying to you now.

Swarnrekha meets Sinduri and says injustice happened with you, you won’t fail, you are my devotee, you have to get what you lost, even if you have to cheat. Santoshi puts flower and it falls down. Pandit gives her flower again. She puts flower again. Swarnrekha says Lord Krishna cheated to save Arjun in Mahabharat, you want to get your love, I will bless you, whatever work you do, you will succeed, whenever you need my help, I will be always with you. Sinduri smiles and greets her Devi. Santoshi puts flower and Santoshi Maa moves back. Kaka and Dhairya see the flower falling down. Sinduri wakes up by her dream and looks around. She says was I dreaming, anyways, I understood Devi Swarnrekha will help me, I have to find my phone first.

Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa why did she accept Dhairya’s flowers, and not flowers by Santoshi. Santoshi Maa says Dhairya is walking on true path, but Santoshi has to bear the price for walking on wrong path. Saraswati Maa says Santoshi has right on her husband. Santoshi Maa says but Santoshi could get her rights by walking on right path, life can get problems by any way, but it does not mean to leave true path. Devi Laxmi says Santoshi always prayed to you, you should think again. Santoshi Maa says I will bless her when she walks on true path, we should talk about Devraj Indra now.

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  1. What nonsense,?? Seriously?? What wrong did Santoshi did? I find it very hard to understand this serial. I guess in the coming Story Dhairya and Sindoor will unite, and Santoshi will be hurt. So much for Develok Mistake, why they didn’t let her die,. She is too innocent to bear so much. I taught Sindoor will accept she is Sindoor and not Santoshi, Santoshi don’t know to ask Sindoor if she she is really Santoshi when did her mom and dad died? When did her Aunts tried to get her married to Three husband? Why did Dhairya married her forcefully? Personally if I was an actor I wouldn’t act roles where I have to steal or claim something that’s not mines, because I love my fiancee dearly,. But Sindoor don’t love Dhairya, just as Dhairya didn’t love Ria, it was somewhat an attraction, I think if he truly love Santoshi he will stand by her like Skanet did or what’s his name., because he truly love Santoshi, don’t know they got her Married to Dhairya.

  2. It’s just a drag now, serial should be based between devotee and Santoshi Maa, terrible story lines at the moment.

    1. Yes this show should be about devotion and dedication to goddess santoshi. … as meerabai had for Lord Krishna. ….and there is no need for any love triangles in such a mythological show.

  3. This show should be based on devotion and dedication to goddess santoshi similar to as meerabai had for Lord Krishna. There is no need for such love triangles in mythological shows. But it’s really shocking that instead of depicting faith,contemplation and devotion towards god this love triangle is not of any use in such a mythological show.

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