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Santoshi Maa 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with inspector showing the video of Dhairya making Santoshi fall down from the stairs. Everyone get shocked. Pratap says you can’t scare us by showing video. Kaka comes and asks whats happening. Inspector says Santoshi is with you, and you are asking me, I will tell you, there is woman abuse case on Mishra family. Kaka and Santoshi get shocked. Inspector asks Dhairya to come, he will see him in police station.

Seshnath comes there and asks what are you saying. He greets Pratap and says I came to meet Santoshi, whats happening here, tell me inspector, why did you come here. Inspector says I have to come when people trouble someone, they are famous rich people, but did wrong. Seshnath asks him to take bribe and sort this problem. Inspector pushes him for bribing him. Ujwal

says I m lawyer, you can’t fool us, you can’t arrest us without warrant. Inspector says in some matters, arrest can be just on doubt, did you understand or shall I explain more deeply. He handcuffs Ujwal. They all get shocked. Dhairya stops inspector and says I did mistake, so arrest me, there is no need to take family.

Dhairya gives his hand. He gets handcuffed. Santoshi stops inspector and moves inspector away. She comes in between and asks on whose saying did you come here, I did not complain, you have misunderstanding, this is my inlaws, I don’t have any complains, everyone love me a lot here. Seshnath thinks Santoshi flopped plan, I have to do something. Inspector signs Seshnath. Seshnath asks inspector why is he making case when Santoshi is saying there is no problem, small fights happen between husband and wife, it does not mean husband is torturing wife, its good if you leave. He signs inspector and asks him to leave. Inspector says I m leaving now and will come with arrest warrant soon. He leaves.

Seshnath tells Santoshi that he is proud of her and upbringing, she showed loyalty. Dhairya claps and asks what loyalty, she cheated us. She becomes Devi here and did police complaint, I m asking who gave that video to police, Santoshi has done this. Kaka shouts Dhairya and asks him to have shame, how can be blame Santoshi, she saved him, as if he just sees wrong, don’t insult her if you can’t accept her as wife. Dhairya says understand her plan, she did this and then acted great. Seshnath says Santoshi can’t do such thing, I feel Daksha has done this, she is very greedy, she decided to trouble you. Dhairya says you all are greedy. Seshnath says I will end this matter. Madhu asks what do you mean. He signs about money and says I will tell you later.

Madhu asks Dhairya and everyone to go to their rooms. Seshnath says yes, I will manage inspector and Daksha. Everyone leave. Madhu asks Pratap to go. He says fine and leaves.

Devi Paulmi cries seeing Vajra Mushti’s ashes and shouts. Seshnath talks to Madhu. He thinks Madhu did not understand him, he has to explain her his own way. He says small people have small thinking, they always talk greed, once their mouth is shut with money, they don’t do anything, my wife is not greedy. Dakshi is greedy, if she has decided, she will not listen, you have to give her money, then she will let you stay in peace.

He thinks Madhu got angry and getting gun. He screams and says no, I have to live. Madhu gets money. He laughs seeing money and says pandit ji told me to first see money and then giver. She throws the money bundle and says its 25000rs, give it to Daksha, ask her to keep her mouth shut. He gets glad. She asks him to go and not trouble her family again.

Dhairya talks to his friend and Madhu hears him. She asks who is coming Dhairya. Dhairya says Nikhil, my childhood wife, he got married and is coming here with his wife, he planned to go Shiv temple, I will go with him, take care of him well. Kaka says great, friend’s puja is puja, if your wife does it, her devotion is fake. Madhu thinks lecture started again. Kaka says Shiv temple is visited by couples. Dhairya says I don’t know, I m going. Kaka asks him to take Santoshi there. Madhu says Dhairya knows what to do, you don’t worry.

Devi Paulmi apologizes to Vajramushti for not being able to help him. She makes the dust storm. Nikhil and his wife meet Dhairya. He says my wife made this plan. Dhairya says it means you are agreeing to her. Nikhil says yes, I married her and will make her wish true. His wife says maybe you don’t know meaning of marriage. The spoon falls and Nikhil picks it. Santoshi comes and stumbles. Some tea falls and she apologizes. He says its okay. Dhairya scolds Santoshi infront of them. He apologizes and says I will get new shoes for you. He asks Santoshi to clean it. Nikhil says calm down, go and get ready. Santoshi cleans Nikhil’s shoes and says sorry, its my mistake and your shoes got spoiled. His wife says its fine, sometimes it happens, you do your work with dedication, find some nice maid for us too. Kaka looks on. Nikhil and his wife greet Kaka. Kaka says she is Santoshi, she is not maid, she is Dhairya’s wife, my bahu. Nikhil and his wife get shocked.

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