Santoshi Maa 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu asking Pushpa to get water. She takes medicines for headache. Pushpa gets water in that gun tray. Madhu gets shocked and asks whats this. Pushpa says I don’t know. Madhu goes to everyone and asks who is doing this, first electric shock and now gun. Pratap thinks to do something and says Ankur has done all this, he wants to kill us. Ankur asks who will kill you. Pratap raises hand and stops. Seshnath says Madhu ji, I will find out. Madhu shouts Seshnath to be quiet. She says I know whoever did this will not come infront, but now I will keep an eye on his doings. Ujwal looks at Pratap.

Santoshi makes Dhairya sleep and talks to Santoshi Maa. She says facing struggles makes a person strong, but it needs lot of strength, give strength to Dhairya to manage tomorrow,

keep Paras calm so that he can understand Dhairya. She worries and cries.

Paras tells his wife Sudha that everything is ruined, we will come on road, its all because of Dhairya, how will I manage you and Akshay, I was working hard, I m angry for believing him. Sudha says calm down, there will be some solution. Paras says I will not leave Dhairya.

Its morning, Santoshi asks Dhairya to get ready. She takes him to temple and says Navratri is starting from today, the nine days are special, this festival is regarded as sign of truth winning over lie. He says you know all this, we are in problem and you are doing this… She says that’s why we are doing puja, we will show devotion power and swear to make all problems away, we will win over our problems. He says fine. She does the puja. They both do aarti. Santoshi Maa tells that we will pray to Devis along with all Devlokgan. Narad comes and greets Parvati Maa. Santoshi Maa says the world respects Parvati, she is regarded the sign of nature. Everyone greet Parvati.

Dhairya says I fell in Paras’ eyes. Santoshi asks him not to feel like he lost and think of some solution. She asks him to talk to Paras, everything will be fine. He leaves. Madhu tells Pratap is getting his anger out. He says if I wanted to do, I would have done it before, why would I get insulted like a servant, Ankur is doing this, he is taking revenge.

Santoshi and Dhairya meet Paras at his office. Paras asks Dhairya to pay the money. Dhairya says I know its my mistake, but listen to me once, maybe there is some way. Paras says I will not listen to anyone now. Santoshi says I know you are in big problem, listen to Dhairya once. He asks what do you know about business, if Dhairya did not save my son’s life, he would be in jail today, what is there to listen, I have 10 days to repay loan. Santoshi says I don’t know about business, but if courage is there, we can save everything, we have 10 days, if we all request the company to not cancel order, maybe they will agree, whats the harm to try, Dhairya can’t cheat you, he did not do this intentionally, give him a chance again. Paras says fine, just one chance. Santoshi and Dhairya smile.

Dhairya, Paras and Santoshi come to the company address and see the house locked. Dhairya asks the man about the factory, did they change office. The man says there is no company here, its locked since 10 years. They get shocked. Paras gets a heart stroke. Dhairya and Santoshi hold him and make him sit in the car. Dhairya makes him drink water. Paras says I have come on road. Santoshi says don’t worry. Paras says I know Dhairya did not do this intentionally, but he was careless, I got hope and it ruined now, how will I manage my family, I became a beggar now, I had to give rent to keep 2500 units. Santoshi says no, keeps units at your houses and office, we will do anything to sell solar to pay the loan. Paras says they will put me in jail, I will not go jail, I will send Dhairya to jail. She says trust me, everything will be fine. She thinks the nine days are of Mata, I m sure everything will get fine.

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