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Santoshi Maa 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi saying I m glad you all are keeping the fast. Sharmili prays. Santoshi comes to temple. Pandit tells about her relatives at temple and asks her to see. Santoshi thinks who can it be. Kaka tells Dhairya about his mistake. Dhairya gets angry and asks shall I die, I have work pressure, what will happen if I don’t earn, how will home run. Kaki says we should understand him, come. They leave. Santoshi goes to see relatives. Ankur says what is Santoshi doing here. Santoshi gets shocked seeing them. Madhu starts crying. She says its good Santoshi came, I can apologize to Santoshi. They apologize to Santoshi. Santoshi asks Madhu to bless her instead apologizing. Madhu blesses her.

Devi Paulmi says if Santoshi takes Madhu with her, it will be good for me. Madhu

talks to Santoshi and says Dhairya does not believe me as his mum, so this happened, I feel I should give up my life in this temple. Ankut says nothing will happen to you, you did not eat since 2 days, everything will be fine. Madhu says no use, all ended. Santoshi asks them to come home. Madhu says Dhairya will kick us out, no. Santoshi says I will talk to pandit and make your stay well, you will not have any problem here. Madhu asks what. Santoshi goes. Ankur says you did overacting mom.

Santoshi recalls her mum. She stops and says Madhu you will come home with me, I will talk to Dhairya. Ankur says we will go if she is saying. Madhu thinks to agree before she changes mind. Santoshi asks them to come. Gaumata says Madhu troubled her and Santoshi is helping them. Santoshi Maa says this is difference between Santoshi and everyone, one day her quality will change them. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi’s qualities will be changed to bad ones by me, just see, its good Santoshi is taking her enemies with her. She laughs.

Dhairya drunks tea and spits. He throws the tea and scolds Pushpa. He asks her to clean the floor. He waits for Santoshi. Santoshi comes and gives him aarti. She says I worry for everyone. She asks him not to fight, else what will baby think. He says fine, I will forgive you for the baby. He says thanks, I want something else, I m not old Dhairya. She asks him to promise. He says I will fulfill your every wish. She calls Madhu and Ankur. He gets shocked seeing them and gets angry. He says why did they come here again. Santoshi says I got them, think of them, if Madhu stays on roads, even he will lose name, please let them stay, they will stay as you say. Dhairya smiles. He stops Pushpa from cleaning the floor and says Madhu and Ankur will be two servants and work under you. They all get shocked. He asks her to teach them work.

Santoshi says Madhu is eldest bahu. Dhairya says they have to stay as I say, else send them back. Madhu says its better to stay here as servants than getting insulted, we agree to Dhairya. Madhu and Ankur clean the floor. Dhairya taunts them and goes.

Sharmili prays for Guddu and says because of my one mistake, Guddu went away, I love him, get him back to me, bless me. Dadi smiles. Madhuri thinks we thought Sweety will get money, but that did not happen. Santoshi Maa blesses Sharmili.

Peon gets things for Madhu and says Dhairya has sent this for you. She smiles seeing the gifts. Peon says he has sent more packets for all servants. Dhairya comes and says its uniform for servants. He insults them. Santoshi feels bad. Dhairya says they should know their place, so all servants will wear this uniform, doctor said Santoshi needs foot massage, Madhu do that. Madhu gets angry. Santoshi cries. Madhu thinks she did not think Dhairya will fall so down to take revenge. Madhu goes to do Santoshi’s foot massage and thinks its such bad days. Santoshi thinks how to make Madhu do this. Madhu says I have come to do foot massage. Dhairya comes and stops Madhu.

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