Santoshi Maa 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi doing prayers to save Rudrakshi. She chants Santoshi Maa’s name. Dhairya cries and asks Santoshi Maa to answer Santoshi’s prayers, as she has much belief in her. Santoshi Maa and Gaumata meet Devi Paulmi. Santoshi Maa asks her why is she doing this, why is she being so bitter and jealous. Devi Paulmi laughs and provokes her anger, saying you and your devotees don’t have any power, that’s why you are helpless. Santoshi Maa gets angry, and holds a weapon. Narad comes and asks both of the Devis to calm their anger down.

He apologizes to Santoshi Maa and says this is wrong. Devi Paulmi has no powers, if you attack on her, what will be difference between her and you, it would be better if you reach Mahadev and inform him, he will find some solution. Gaumata

agrees with Narad. She asks her to inform Mahadev about Rudrakshi and Santoshi, who need her help. Santoshi Maa calms down. Narad thanks her for calming her anger. He requests Devi Paulmi to go back to her place soon, its for their good, she is already bearing punishment, don’t invite more troubles. Devi Paulmi leaves. Narad also goes. Santoshi continues to pray in temple. Santoshi Maa and Gaumata come to mountains. Santoshi Maa tells Mahadev that her devotee is in problem, and asks him to help.

Gaumata says there is no one here. Santoshi Maa says he has to hear my call. Devi Parvati asks what happened. Santoshi Maa says I came to meet Mahadev. Devi Parvati says he is doing tapp. Santoshi Maa says he has to hear me and sits doing japp to call him. Indra meets Devi Paulmi and says you did not spare your husband in your hatred and enmity. She says whatever I did was according to my nature. He says if that’s the case, I will also do things according to my nature. He angrily goes.

Trishna says don’t know what happened to my powers, everything was so easy for me before. Santoshi prays. Dhairya says Papa, we should stop Santoshi now, its night now. He says Santoshi, we should prepare for Rudrakshi’s final rites now. Santoshi says no, nothing happened to her, I won’t let you take her anywhere, either my devotion will or I will leave my devotion, Maa don’t upset me, else I will lose to myself. She takes a diya in hand and says before this diya blows off, return me my child, else I will leave worshiping you.

She says if you don’t make Rudrakshi fine, I will think I was just worshipping to a stone idol, this diya will decide there will be light in my life or darkness. She chants Santoshi Maa’s name. Asur Raj comes to Devi Paulmi and thanks her for getting Asur powers back. She says no need to thank, I can do this for my clan. Trishna says the way wind is blowing, I wish my powers come back and this lock breaks. The lock breaks. Trishna asks Kamini to see, maybe Devi Paulmi returned my powers. Kamini says yes, check once and see to confirm. Trishna checks and says I want this bars to melt. The bars melt. They get shocked and smile.

Trishna says this is miracle, now we will not stay in this lockup. Santoshi continues the jaap. Santoshi Maa hears her. Mahadev wakes up from his tapp. The temple bells ring by wind. Santoshi Maa greets Mahadev. He says Devi Paulmi attacked my on ansh and tried to take her life. He gets angry and looks at the Rudraksh in his hand.

Devi Parvati says how dare Devi Paulmi attack on Mahadev’s ansh. Mahadev says I don’t attack any woman, Devi you go and end Devi Paulmi. Santoshi Maa says I will surely punish her, but at this time, you protect Rudrakshi’s life. Mahadev sends powers and ends the bad effects from Rudrakshi. Rudrakshi gets conscious. They all smile.

Santoshi sees Rudrakshi moving. She moves Rudrakshi says Maa heard me. Dhairya asks what are you saying. Santoshi says our daughter is alive. He asks her to realize Rudrakshi left them. Rudrakshi says mumma. Dhairya and kaka get shocked. Rudrakshi opens eyes. Santoshi Maa smiles.

Mahadev says Devi Paulmi tried to attack my ansh, now she should be ready to face my anger. Devi Paulmi thinks no my end can happen.

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