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Santoshi Maa 11th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nupur saying we can’t force Santoshi to stay here. Pratap asks why did Seshnath come here. Seshnath says I have come to take Santoshi, she has no reason to stay here. Madhu gets shocked and thinks if Santoshi goes, I can’t kick out Riya. She says I have bought Santoshi, she is my servant. Dhairya says you can’t buy someone by some money, you can’t tie her with me, Pratap you say is this right. Pratap asks Madhu to let Santoshi go, if she is willing to go. Santoshi comes and says I will repay Madhu’s loan slowly, I always agreed to Madhu, but I can’t stay here.

She takes Kaka and Kaki’s blessings. She asks them not to say anything, else she can’t leave from here. Kaka says its tough for us, if you decided, what can we do. She says its my fate’s decision,

let me go. She touches Madhu’s feet and says my Dadi says where there is love, there is scoldings too, you gave me much love along with scoldings, I will always remember this. She touches Pratap’s feet. She tells Dhairya that she will not force her love on him and sits to touch his feet. He gets away and scolds her.

Seshnath checks her bag and thinks she is not taking any luggage. She asks Santoshi is she forgetting any luggage, check once. She says yes, I forgot to water tulsi plant, tulsi is sign of happiness, I want happiness to be here always. Riya talks to her mum and says don’t take tension, I m not spoiling my life, I still remember how Dhairya made us cry, I will ruin Dhairya and Madhu, I m here till I ruin them, then I will leave this house. Santoshi hears this and gets shocked. Riya says I won’t forgive him. She gets shocked seeing Santoshi there.

Santoshi scolds her and says its good I came here and heard everything, I won’t let this happen, I won’t let Dhairya and his family suffer, now you will leave from here. She goes to everyone. Kaka says I always stopped you, but I had a selfish motive, I thought Dhairya will get better, but its true that without love, husband and wife’s relation can’t form, I know Dhairya does not love you, you are like my daughter, how to stop you, go and start a new life. Kaki gives a necklace to Santoshi and says my mum in law gave this to me. Dhairya says this drama never ends, get lost now.

Riya comes there and is tensed. Santoshi says I m not going anywhere. They all get shocked. She says I won’t go, I have to explain someone my sindoor’s meaning. Seshnath thinks what happened to Santoshi, I will lose money if she does not agree to come with me. He says Santoshi, I love you love them, but you have no value here, come. Santoshi says I m fine, its wife’s duty to share happiness and sorrow of husband, and protect everyone, I was going to get peace here, now when I know there won’t be peace after I leave, I can’t leave. Dhairya asks her to go. Seshnath asks Santoshi to come.

Santoshi says Riya will leave from here. They all get shocked. Dhairya scolds Santoshi. Santoshi says Riya has come to ruin you, I m not saying nonsense. I have heard it myself. Madhu and everyone get shocked. Pratap asks what are you saying. Santoshi says I m saying truth, I went to water tulsi plant, I heard Riya talking to her mother. She tells everything. Riya worries. Dhairya asks what is this nonsense. Riya says she is lying. Dhairya asks Santoshi to leave. Kaki asks him to listen to Santoshi once, she is doing this for our good. Seshnath thinks to leave and explain Dhairya later. He leaves.

Pratap says Dhairya, you can’t send her if she does not wish to go. Dhairya says Seshnath came to take her and sees Seshnath has gone. He says Santoshi is acting, Riya is not bad, Santoshi is bad, she tortures me every day. Pratap says enough, you are torturing Santoshi, she did not marry you, you filled her maang, why did Riya come here. Madhu agrees and says Riya should think about this. She taunts Riya and says Riya did not think Dhairya is married. Riya gets angry.

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