Santoshi Maa 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa 11th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daksha and Madhuri bringing Santoshi out of the doli and showing her face to everyone. Pratap, Madhu and everyone get shocked. Pratap says you here. Ujwal says she should have been at Sanketh’s house, what is she doing here. Seshnath says we were doing Santoshi and Sanketh’s marriage, Dhairya came and filled sindoor in her maang, he ruined her life. They all get shocked. Seshnath says we will start relation by starting. Pratap slaps Seshnath angrily. He scolds Seshnath. Madhuri asks the people to see their ego and attitude. The people get angry and say they will teach lesson to these rich people.

Pratap stops them and asks Santoshi to explain her family. Santoshi says sorry, I can’t say from anyone’s side today, its true that Dhairya filled sindoor in my maang.

Ujwal says don’t trust them, they can fall to any extent for money. Dadi says we are not acting, you call your brother and ask him why did he do this. Madhuri argues with Madhu and asks her to answer. Madhu fumes. Pratap shouts Dhairya and calls him. Dhairya comes home and sees the crowd. He says they all here. Dadi says we came here for Santoshi, whats her mistake, elders explain him. Dhairya asks what nonsense.

Pratap says wait Dhairya, tell me is this true, did you fill sindoor in Santoshi’s maang. Dhairya says yes, I did. They all get shocked. Dhairya says I did that for revenge, she broke my marriage and I did that to even scores. Pratap says you did this to ruin her life. Dhairya says yes, Riya left from my life, so I filled her maang and broke her marriage with Sanketh. Daksha says filling maang does not break marriage, relation forms. Dhairya says I don’t believe this. Vidya scolds Santoshi and calls her a maid. She asks Madhu to kick them out.

Madhuri asks Vidya won’t she like to see Dhairya’s doings. She shows the recording Guddu did. They all get shocked. Madhuri says we can go to police station and show this. Seshnath says Dhairya loves Santoshi and its not sudden, I will show you proof. He shows Dhairya and Santoshi’s pic. Family gets shocked. Dhairya breaks the phone. Seshnath says I have made copies. Dhairya says I can’t accept Santoshi in seven births, get lost. Madhu recalls Dhairya’s words. Madhuri says we will go and give this video to media, then lets see what they do. Dhairya says don’t threaten me, do anything, go.

Madhu stops them. Dhairya says I will beat them and snatch the proof. Kaka stops Dhairya and scolds him. He asks Dhairya to beat him first. Dhairya asks why is he senti about these beggars. Kaka says Santoshi will stay here, hear it everyone. Santoshi says wait Kaka, its husband and wife’s matter. She tells Dhairya that she came here and just her arthi can leave from here. Her family smiles. Santoshi says this house is my sasural and you are my husband, I will do wife’s duty by staying here whether you accept this relation or not. Dhairya claps and laughs.

Dhairya says you don’t have such status. The villagers argue with Dhairya and say we will see how you don’t accept her. Dhairya asks what will you do, you don’t know what this girl did, she cheated me and my Riya. Daksha says you are saint who filled sindoor in Santoshi’s maang. The villagers agree. Dhairya says I will kick out Santoshi first. Kaka says Santoshi is your wife, I will not ley injustice happen with her, is this joke to fill maang by forcing someone, if maang is filled, then Dhairya will not move back from accepting her.

Vidya asks don’t you pity your son. Kaka says marriage is not a game, if they all don’t understand, then they need a lesson, don’t talk in between. I will send invitation to all guests and call them in evening. Dhairya says do you think I will stay with this maid. Kaka says truth won’t change. Dhairya says fine, then get lost with these mad people. Kaka says you want me to go on roads, I will tell everyone that Santoshi is Dhairya’s wife. Madhu says calm down, I will see what to do, give me some time to think. She asks Pratap to take Dhairya to room, and she will talk to Kranti Maa.

Nupur, Pratap and Ujwal take Dhairya upstairs. Seshnath asks the villagers to enjoy in AC here. The villagers get seated and fight for the sofa and comforts. Daksha smiles and recalls Madhu’s slap. Daksha sits on sofa with Madhuri and says its very nice, I feel like a queen, I got chance to take revenge, see what I do.

Pratap and Ujwal argue. Dhairya comes there. Pratap gets angry on Dhairya and asks him is he seeing where his revenge took them, he can’t show his face to anyone now. Nupur says now we have to think what to do ahead. Pratap asks Nupur not to say anything. He says I told Madhu many times not to spoil Dhairya, she did not listen to me ever, see what happened today, they are poor people. Dhairya says I lost Riya forever, whom I loved more than myself, Santoshi made her away from me. He shows the tickets and preparations he did for Riya, all this got ruined because of Santoshi, she screated misunderstanding between me and Riya, Riya will never come back, I lost my love, this happened because of Santoshi, now she is showing her rights, that’s her plan. Nupur says yes, Santoshi is very smart, we all know there is tension between them. Dhairya says you all are blaming me. Pratap calms down and says fine, don’t worry, your Mabhi is talking to Kranti Maa, there will be some way out.

Dhairya says I will regard myself impure if Santoshi’s shadow falls on me. Madhu stops Santoshi and accepts her as bahu. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is all kranti maa’s and madhu’s planing. Great keep it on.

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