Santoshi Maa 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Paulmi saying Devi Santoshi will lose to ordinary woman and return to devlok, what respect will she have then. Kaki applies hair oil to Paulomika and ties her hair. Mangla comes and says there is some shocking news. Kaki reads about fake Sadhvi cheating a family. Kaki says newspapers write anything. Mangla says Sadhvi stays in our house as well. Paulomika says she can do wrong with us. Santoshi comes and asks what happened. She reads the paper.

She says we all know Sadhvi Maa does not like money. Kaki says yes, I trust her completely. Asur raj does puja. Devi Paulmi says I want to end Santoshi Maa’s existence, do you have any solution. He says yes, but tough one. She asks him to tell her. He says if her flowers are ruined, that place will lose all the light. She

says its good, none can doubt on me, I need your help. He agrees.

Two men come to give money to Santoshi Maa, and ask her to return half amount in cash. Kaki says it will be wrong if she takes it. Santoshi Maa refuses to have it. Santoshi says I told you Kaki, she will not support wrong. Mangla thinks its fine, I have many traps. Asur sainik comes to Devi paulmi, and says I can take disguise. She tells him some work. Mangla asks Paulomika to go from home, she will put blame on Santoshi.

A man gets a parcel for Sadhvi Maa. Mangla thinks now it will be fun. She keeps the parcel. Kaki says maybe it was Sadhvi Maa’s devotee. Mangla says no, he is a child kidnapper. Kaka worries. Santoshi says Sadhvi Maa made Dhairya and my relation better. Kaki says she has played good. She speaks against Santoshi Maa. Santoshi gives the parcel to Santoshi Maa. They all get shocked seeing money. Paulomika hides out and feels hungry. Santoshi and Santoshi Maa look for Paulomika. The kidnappers come there and kidnap her. Kaki asks Dhairya not to inform police, thief is here, ask her where is our girl. She says I know everything, the man who came to give parcel does kidnapping.

She shouts and asks where is our girl. Santoshi says Sadhvi Maa did not do this. Mangla thinks Paulomika would be having fun outside. Santoshi Maa says I just want that girl to comeback. Mangla says women are much clever these days, Kaki scolds her. Santoshi says atleast her her once. Kaki says your blind n her lies. Santoshi says Sadhvi Maa will help us in finding Paulomika. Kaki says police has come. Santoshi Maa looks on.

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  1. Summer

    Reading the updates is so frustrating, just how the story has taken another twisted turn !! How can evil get away with so much wrong doings…Devi Paulomi is behind all the this and yet other gods fail to use their divine powers and see through her.

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