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The Episode starts with Guddu saying I know some baba who can tell us thief’s name. Sharmili says take me there. Guddu says he is greedy, he will ask money, take your dad, he won’t ask money from inspector. Dadi says every day there is new drama here, come Tinu, we will go. Sharmili asks why did Dadi say this, am I acting. Guddu says no, she is mad old woman, leave her, think of that baba, go.

Sinduri gets hit by Pratap’s car. Pratap apologizes. The people get angry and say beat him. She thinks he is Pratap Bhaiya and stops the people. She says I m little hurt, I m fine, let him go. Pratap asks her to come, I will take you to doctor. She goes with him.

Dadi asks Tinu to give her box. Sharmili’s dad says I will find your jewelry. The potli falls down. Everyone hear sound and rush

to see Dadi. Dadi opens the potli and sees jewelry. They all get shocked. Daksha says we have thief at home. Sharmili says I did not expect this from you, why did you steal jewelry. Seshnath asks are you not ashamed to steal. Madhuri says we will lose respect. Janardhan says Amma can’t do this, its misunderstanding. Seshnath asks inspector to arrest Dadi. Dadi cries and says I m not thief, I did not steal jewelry, I don’t know how did jewelry come in my bag. Sharmili says every thief says same, you are old so I won’t give you to police. They all leave. Dadi cries.

She gets an envelop and says Santoshi’s dad gave this to me, asking me to give this to Santoshi on her 25th birthday. She goes to everyone and sees all of them speaking against her. She leaves.

Santoshi tells Dhairya that Santoshi Maa will show us some way, when one way gets shut, other way opens. Pushpa tells Santoshi that your Dadi has come. Dhairya asks Santoshi to wait, and asks Pushpa to get Dadi here. Dadi comes and hugs Santoshi. Santoshi greets her and says I don’t remember what happened few days back, is there any problem. Dadi says nothing. Santoshi asks her to say. Dadi tells everything what happened at home. Santoshi and Dhairya get shocked.

Dhairya says how dare they, I will teach them a lesson. Dadi says leave it, they are mad. She gives the envelop to Santoshi and says it was your birthday 3 days ago, you did not remember anything, so I did not come, I got gift. Dhairya says sorry, belated happy birthday Santoshi. Santoshi thanks him. She opens envelop. Dadi says your dad gave this letter to me, asking me to give this to you when you turn 25.

Dhairya checks and says its shares of company, its value will be in lakhs now, it means Santoshi will have share of company profits too. Santoshi says now Dhairya does not need to worry for money, he can start business. He calls her lucky charm. Santoshi Maa thanks Devi Laxmi for helping Dhairya. Devi Laxmi says I did my duty, the human who walks in true path and calls me, I will bless him.

Santoshi Maa smiles seeing Dhairya and Santoshi. Gaumata says if Dhairya starts business with this savings, it will be good, there should be no hurdle. Santoshi Maa says I also wish the same. Pratap gets Sinduri home. She thinks to expose Santoshi, and till then she can’t tell anyone that she is real Santoshi. Madhu stops her and asks Pratap who is she. Pratap says you think who is she, you needed a cook, I got her. Madhu thanks her. He says its my work to serve you, and goes. Madhu asks Sinduri her name. She calls Santoshi there. Sinduri gets angry seeing Santoshi and thinks she snatched my everything. She tells Madhu that someone snatched her everything, if I had family, would I be wandering. Madhu says fine, I will decide salary after seeing your work. She asks Santoshi to show kitchen to her, ask Pushpa to give some clothes to her, we give bahu status to our maids, go. She taunts Santoshi.

Santoshi shows kitchen and things. Sinduri asks her to go, I know everything. She makes tea. Santoshi gets puzzled and thinks this girl is strange. Gaumata says this girl whose soul went in Santoshi’s body entered the house. Santoshi Maa says till this girl recalls her past life, she will do what she remembers. Gaumata says then we should make her recall her past. Santoshi Maa says yes, but its not so easy, it will be tough got Santoshi.

Sinduri works slowly. Madhu asks her to clean all dust. Sinduri gets angry. Dhairya comes there. Sinduri smiles seeing him and thinks my hero looks good. Madhu taunts Dhairya for having a maid as his wife. He goes. Sinduri goes after Dhairya. Santoshi says I find that girl strange. He hugs her. She thinks what happened to Dhairya. Sinduri gets shocked and thinks I will snatch my hero.

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