Santoshi Maa 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Poulomi Maa gets happy as Santoshi almost jumps in the water and commit suicide. But then Santoshi sees a child goat stuck there. Santoshi goes to help her and saves her. Santoshi Maa in a woman’s avatar comes and thanks Santoshi for saving her goat. She then asks her what she’s doing there. Santoshi is quiet. The woman says she knows what people come there for and makes her realise that it’s a sin to do such an act. Everyone faces ups and downs in their lives, that doesn’t mean they should give up. It may be a bad phase, but there is always a happy phase after that. Santoshi thanks the woman for making her realise her mistake. Poulomi Maa is shocked and decides to go to Brahmadev. She comes to Brahmadev and says this is injustice. Mahadev returned powers just because Santoshi Maa is his granddaughter. Brahmadev says he can only take away powers, but Mahadev decides when to give back. He tells her to go to Mahadev. Poulomi Maa complains to Mahadev that it’s unfair to return powers to one Devi and not to other. Mahadev says there are no relationships in Dev Lok. Santoshi Maa got her powers back because of her difficult tapsya. If she wants, then she can also do tapasya and earn her powers back. Poulomi Maa leaves.

At home, everyone encourages Santoshi to fight in court, but she’s determined to give divorce as there is nothing left in their marriage.

Outside court, Kaka comes with a lawyer and he also encourages Santoshi, but she says same thing. Kaka then tells her if that is the case, then remove her mangal sutra and sindhoor. He says relationships are made by heart, not any papers.

The hearing begins. Dhairya says Santoshi is very cunning. She killed his child and he doesn’t want to stay with her. Sanothi’s lawyer says it was merely an accident and Santoshi cannot be blamed for it. Dhairya’s lawyer says they have a video proof and episode ends.

Precap: Dhairya’s lawyer says Santoshi is mentally unstable and it will be life threatening for Dhairya to stay with her. Santoshi accepts this. The judge grants the divorce. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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