Santoshi Maa 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Narad asking Mata about Devi Paulmi’s doings. She says it was those human’s mistake also along Devi Paulmi, if they controlled their anger, Devi Paulmi would have not got chance to ill treat Santoshi. Narad says you are hurt seeing Santoshi right. She says yes, but I know Santoshi is strong and courageous, she will face problems well, my blessing is always with her. Kaka prays for Santoshi. Police reaches the hospital. Inspector asks Kaka about Santoshi. He says we got to know she met with accident by slipped, we came to confirm, Madhu called us and told us. Kaka gets shocked and says you are given wrong information, Santoshi’s accident happened as she was pushed. Inspector asks what, do you know who did this.

Madhu asks Dhairya to take care. Riya says I will

take care of him, I m so excited, come. Dhairya and Riya start leaving. Everyone bid bye to them. Police jeep enters the gate and stops Dhairya. Madhu smiles. Pratap asks inspector why did they come here. Inspector says we have to question Dhairya, we got to know Santoshi is in this state because of Dhairya, he has to come with us and till Santoshi gets fine, Dhairya can’t go out of city. Riya says Dhairya is not like that. Madhu says you can question him at home. Pratap says Dhairya is good guy. Ujwal says I know laws, you can’t arrest Dhairya. Inspector says don’t tell me laws, I know my duty, if anything happens to victim, it will be murder case. If she gets saved and gives statement against Dhairya, it will be attempt to murder case, we are just taking Dhairya for investigation as we have witness. Pratap asks what, who gave this statement.

Inspector says Dhairya’s father has given this statement, arrest him. Nupur asks Ujwal to do something, you are lawyer afterall. Inspector says now everything will happen after victim’s statement. Dhairya gets taken away in the police jeep. Madhu worries and thinks what did this happen, I just wanted to stop him from going with Riya. She asks Pratap to talk to commissioner. He says first, we have to monitor, nothing should happen to her. He calls Sanketh and asks him to go hospital, nothing should happen to her, spend money, do anything. He asks Madhu not to worry, I will try to meet inspector to settle things. Riya asks Ujwal to save Dhairya. Ujwal says I will do something. Riya cries. Madhu asks Riya to go home now, once Dhairya comes back, we will make him talk to you. Riya says I will be here till he comes back, I will be tensed if I go home. She goes inside house. Nupur says this girl is very smart, we have to stay alert.

Sanketh comes running to Kaka and says Pratap send me here, what happened to Santoshi, is she fine. Kaka says no, she is stuck between stone hearted people, she is facing problems every day. Sanketh asks how did she get hurt. Kaka tells him everything. Sanketh asks just this small thing and so much anger. Kaka says yes, this time its necessary to teach Dhairya a lesson , so I gave statement to police against him. Sanketh says what, he is your son. Kaka says that’s why, this is my right to show him right path. Sanketh says yes, but I think Pratap and Madhu will save Dhairya and cover his mistake. Kaka says this time I will not leave Dhairya. Nurse asks Kaka to come, doctor called in cabin.

Doctor tells Kaka and Sanketh that Santoshi got head injury, they have to do surgery. Sanketh asks him to do anything and save Santoshi. He calls Pratap and says Santoshi is critical, she needs a good neurosurgeon. Pratap says do anything, save her, if anything happens to her, Dhairya’s life will be ruined. Sanketh tells doctor to call best neuro surgeon. Doctor calls neuro surgeon. Devi Paulmi answers call and says he is out of town. She smiles seeing receptionist sleeping. Doctor calls another hospital and Devi Paulmi hypnotizes the receptionist. She says doctor is away for medical camp.

Santoshi Mata sees this and says Devi Paulmi is testing my devotee, truth can be helpless for some time, but not defeated. Doctor says I m so sorry, its tough, I m trying my best, pray. Nurse tells about Santoshi’s state getting worse. Kaka and Sanketh pray to Santoshi Maa. Sanketh asks Kaka to have courage. Kaka says I wish I stopped Dhairya. Sanketh says don’t blame yourself, we should pray for Santoshi now.

Santoshi is being treated. Mata looks on. Santoshi gets critical. Devi Paulmi smiles seeing Kaka praying to Santoshi Maa. Kaka asks Maa to protect Santoshi. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi, your death is destined today, you will meet Yamraj today. Santoshi prays to Santoshi Maa and asks for help. Mata leaves from devlok. A car stops outside the hospital. Mata gets down the car. Santoshi Mata comes as doctor to the hospital and smiles. Devi Paulmi gets angry seeing her. Devi Paulmi tries to stop Mata at the door by making some shield. She says no one can cross this Chakra, not even you Devi Santoshi. Mata smiles seeing Devi Paulmi and steps ahead, breaking the Chakra. Devi Paulmi gets shocked.

Mata meets Santoshi in ICU and heals her head injury by her touch. Devi Paulmi shouts that Devi Santoshi did not do this right.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh yaaa right….i mean if devi paulami does anything then its ok but if shantoshi maa does anything then its always wrong y????

  2. Ya true kavya! Thoda over dramatic hogya but having said that, i think i liked today’s epi! 🙂 ma comes as dr. It shows when we r in trouble, god does send help in the form of some1! 🙂

  3. next episode?????!!!!!!!

    1. yes next episode

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