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Santoshi Maa 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi asking Dadi whats wrong, its my marriage. Madhvi asks Daksha who will do the household work after Santoshi’s marriage. Dadi says I did not imagine, your marriage will happen so soon, I m worried. Santoshi asks why. Daksha says how can we keep Santoshi with us always, society will taunt us. Dadi says when I told them to find a nice guy for Santoshi, she did not listen to me and now fixed your marriage suddenly, how did Daksha agree. Madhvi asks Daksha is she getting Santoshi really married, or is there anything else, marriage is happening without dowry, how did you get this relation.

Santoshi says its fine, its happening what you wanted, uncle and aunt will not do wrong with her, its fate, I will get whats written in my fate, now become my beautiful Dadi.

Tinu says I will make Santoshi beautiful. Santoshi smiles. Everyone get ready and ask Santoshi to get ready soon. Dadi says Tinu you can’t help here, come with me. He says fine, I will help Dadi. Santoshi gets ready.

The baraat comes. Everyone welcome baraat. Madhvi sees Daksha and thinks something is fishy. Dadi comes to Santoshi and sees her in bridal dress. The girls compliment Santoshi. Dadi says you all are right. Santosh asks Dadi not to worry for her, Santoshi Maa will take care of me. She hugs Dadi. Tinu comes and says baraat has come. Dadi asks Santoshi to go and throw rice and flowers on the groom its good shagun. The girls take Santoshi there.

Santoshi smiles seeing the groom. The girls tease her. Janardhan gets shocked seeing another guy coming as groom. They all look on shocked, as three guys dressed as grooms come there. The society people also get shocked. Daksha gets tensed. The man says whats this, one girl and three grooms. Santoshi cries. The girl asks will Santoshi marry three guys, who is the real groom, take this flower and hit the groom, its misunderstanding, bride can’t marry 3 guys.

The groom’s Bua says its marriage of one son, they love each other and wear same clothes, let marriage happen, mahurat is passing. Daksha says this is groom’s Bua. The pandit asks the groom to forward hand and take flowers. All the three guys forward hand. Everyone get shocked. Bua signs Daksha. Madhvi stares at Daksha. Pandit asks who shall I give this flower. The three guys say to me…. Santoshi gets stunned.

The girl says these three are really here to marry Santoshi. Madhvi tells Seshnath that its something fishy, see Daksha. Bua says the brothers love each other and do everything together. The man says such love that they came together for pure relation like marriage, its not Swayambar. Bua says since they are born, they are together. Learn from them to be together. She says groom is the eldest one, and two are free with him. they get shocked. The people start discussing. Bua says it was a joke, laugh now. Santoshi smiles.

Daksha signs Bua and asks pandit to start the rituals. The pandit does ritual with elder one. Santoshi says I knew this elder one is my groom. She takes flower to hit him as per ritual. He sees her and she smiles. Daksha says now girl has also liked the guy. Daksha welcomes them inside house.

Janardhan does the rituals. The brothers also ask for rituals to be done. Madhvi says Daksha has fixed this marriage, she is upto something. The brothers do all rituals together. People laugh. The younger guy did not get rituals done and gets angry. Janardhan gets irked by the three guys and goes. Madhvi goes to make groom have curd. She thinks she got chance now and makes curd fall on the sherwani of the younger guy. She says come, I will get it cleaned. Bua says its 20000rs clothes, and tells Daksha to pay for it. Madhvi asks the guy about the rituals done together with all three. He says yes and tells her everything. She gets shocked. Santoshi wears bangles and a bangle hurts her hand. The girl says its abshagun/inauspicious sign.


Pandit asks Daksha to call bride. Madhvi says pandit ji, bride won’t come, I got to know something. Tinu goes to Santoshi and asks her not to marry, as her marriage will happen with three grooms. She gets stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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