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Santoshi Maa 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya asking Santoshi to get food. Santoshi gets food. He hugs her. She says leave me, everyone will come. Kaka and Kaki come talking. Dhairya leaves her and falls down. He starts doing yoga. Everyone come and ask what is he doing. He says I m doing yoga before having food. Kaka says I did not see anyone doing yoga like this. Santoshi smiles and asks them to have food.

Madhuri tells Seshnath about the company giving lottery tickets. She says Guddu won one lakh rupees, he did not tell us, he told that to Daksha. Seshnath says Guddu has no mind. She says official will come in morning, you sign on it, we will win lottery. Guddu tells Sharmili that he caught all fishes, how to catch big fish Santoshi. Sharmili says you are smart, I know you will do it.


like Chole. Kaki says Santoshi adds water in it. Pratap calls Sinduri to get water. Santoshi says I will get water, don’t know where is Sinduri. He asks where is she. She says I don’t know. Kaki says she is lazy and maybe she got hidden. Madhu says I think she has run away, she did not tell me, did I keep her. Ujwal asks her to relax and not get angry on Pratap for a maid’s matter. Madhu says I m not hungry and goes. Pratap asks her not to overreact, and thinks where did Sinduri go.

Ankush/Ankur has tied Sinduri in some storeroom. He gives her food. She gets angry and asks him to open her hands. He frees her hands. She throws cartons on him and runs away. The men run after her to catch her. She reaches the dead end and worries. She hides. Ankur shouts Sinduri and asks his men to find her. He catches her. She gets scared and moves back. She falls down and her head strikes a stone. Ankur holds her and asks is she fine. She holds her head and recalls her past. Sinduri dances and was popular. She recalls a murder. Ankur says nothing will happen to you, I promise. She thinks he is Ankur, now I understand why he is after me. He says I m Ankur, do you remember, are you hurt. She thinks how did I come here and recalls Dhairya.

Ankur asks her to recall who murdered his mum. He asks her to keep quiet. She says you kidnapped me, I told you many times, I m Santoshi, not Sinduri, let me go from here, else it won’t be right. He says fine, I won’t trouble you, just tell me who killed my mum. She says I don’t know, I don’t care what happened with your mum, I have to tell Dhairya about fake Santoshi, don’t ask what happened that night. Ankur asks how did you know it was night, not day, don’t try to fool me, just try to recall who killed my mum, its not a joke, atleast help me for humanity. She says just go. He says she won’t agree like this, enough of your drama, I have more ways to open your mouth. He asks his men to take her to their place. They take her back. She says let me go. The man says shall we give her electric shock, she will get her memory back. She shouts. Ankur asks them to shut her mouth.

Santoshi and Dhairya are lying on the bed, not facing each other side. Santoshi thinks Dhairya is sleeping. Dhairya is awake and thinks what to do, go ahead or not, but she is my wife. He looks at her. She thinks where did Sinduri go, if she comes back and show video to Dhairya, don’t know what will happen. She hugs him and says I won’t let you go anywhere. She sees he is awake and moves back. He holds her. She asks did you send Sinduri. He says no, Madhu said she went on her own, its good she went. She thinks its good it was not her plan. Dogs bark. She says I will go and feed the dog. He asks her not to go and just be here with him. Pee loo…………..plays…………. They have an eyelock.

Its morning, Sinduri wakes up by sunlight. She sees Ankur and his men sleeping. She plans to run away. Santoshi wakes up and Dhairya does not let her go. Sinduri takes glass piece and cuts the rope. Santoshi says I have to make Prasad for Santoshi Maa’s puja and have to go to temple, I have to do all work soon. She asks him to come to temple along him. he says its good idea, I will spend time with you and do Santoshi Maa puja. She asks really and smiles. She thanks Santoshi Maa and asks for blessings to remain with them always.

No Precap in And tv video episode.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So even though she got her memory back she still want to come in between Dhyria and Santoshi. Stewwwwww. Fed to the max. Why can’t santoshi get all the happiness she deserve.

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