Santoshi Maa 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 11th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa moving back. Asur Raj walks towards her. He thinks it won’t be tough to make her lose. He steps on mine and moves back. He appears in front of them. Devgan smile. Devi Paulmi gets shocked. Asur Raj’s multiple heads appear again. He laughs. Santoshi Maa hits all his extra heads. She says Devi Paulmi’s right place is prison, if you come in between, I will fight with you also. He asks her to stop saying and fight. He throws a fireball at her. She defends his attack. He says you have calmed my weapons, I will get such Shastra that you can’t face. Devgan think what weapons will Asur Raj use, can Devi Santoshi manage to face it or not.

Dadi, Madhuri, Sharmili and Guddu come to meet Santoshi. Daksha cries and hugs her. Dadi asks what happened. Daksha says

Santoshi is missing. They get shocked. Daksha asks them to ask Kaka. Kaka says yes, she is missing. Daksha says I think Santoshi and Dhairya had a fight, and she went somewhere. Rudrakshi thinks why do I feel seeing her. Daksha thinks why is she seeing me this way, as if she knows I m Trishna, why can’t my powers stay in front of her. Kaka says I will try to call Dhairya.

Daksha says I will get tea and food. Madhuri says we won’t have tea. Daksha says I want to have tea and goes. Rudrakshi asks Kaka to call Dhairya fast. Kaka asks why. Rudrakshi says I doubt Daksha disappeared Santoshi. Kaka asks how can you say this. She says I feel her behavior is strange.

He says fine, I will call him home. Devi Santoshi and Asur Raj’s war continues. She hits him away. Gaumata and everyone cheer her name. Asur Raj gathers more powers and strikes her. She fights with her powers. Asur Raj gets back and falls down. He thinks I got powerless now, I can’t fight this war. Santoshi Maa confines him. Narad chants her name. Brahmadev says Devi Santoshi won the war between Asur lok and devlok. Devi Santoshi smiles.

Rudrakshi says Daksha is responsible for Santoshi’s disappearance, ask her once. Dhairya says Santoshi will get angry knowing this. She asks him to talk to Daksha, you trusted Trishna and Kamini also, but they cheated us, I m doubting Daksha. He thinks she is saying right. Kaka says yes. Dhairya says fine, come. Flower falls on Santoshi Maa. Asur Raj thinks I don’t know the reason of this failure. Brahmadev congratulates Santoshi Maa for victory, and says you proved truth can’t lose, I m proud to choose you for this war. She says I will always remember your words. Brahmadev asks guards to take Asur Raj and Devi Paulmi to prison, we will decide their punishment in devsabha.

Dadi says where will be my Santoshi and cries. Sharmilu consoles her. Dhairya asks for Daksha. Guddu says she was here. Madhuri says maybe she is in kitchen, I will get her. Dadi cries. Dhairya asks her not to take tension. Madhuri says Daksha is not here. He says where can she go. Gaumata says Mata, this place looks dull without you. Santoshi Maa asks her to say about her devotees. Gaumata tells what all happened with Santoshi. She says Santoshi’s heart is restless, but she went somewhere.

Asur Raj and Devi Paulmi are in prison. He says when everyone knows I lost to Devtas, what will be my value. She says don’t worry, we will get free soon, Devi Santoshi has to worry, her devotee is falling in big problem, Santoshi Maa will not be able to see her. She recalls blocking Santoshi Maa’s sight. She says even this prison can’t stop me from doing wrong.

Santoshi says why is Trishna doing this, what will happen of Dhairya. She prays for him. Santoshi Maa says where can Santoshi go, I can’t see her. Santoshi thinks is my prayers not reaching Maa. Daksha comes there and says I think Rudrakshi is doubting on us, we have to hurry up. Santoshi says I feel like knowing this voice. Kamini says kill Santoshi, its good for us, Santoshi won’t know Trishna killed her. Gaumata says Santoshi is missing. Santoshi Maa looks for Santoshi. She says where did Santoshi go, I will find her later. Daksha takes a sword. Santoshi’s blind fold is removed. She gets shocked seeing Daksha. She asks what are you doing. Daksha says I have come to kill you. Santoshi get shocked.

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