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Santoshi Maa 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Narad telling Santoshi Maa that Devlok is happy that she is fine. Santoshi Maa says I can’t believe I was in illusion. He says maybe, that Asur did this, but its proved that work done by bad intentions never succeeds, am I saying true Agnidev. Agnidev says yes, but we did not know the Asur powers. Devi Laxmi says but we failed Asur powers, it will send message that truth always wins. Santoshi Maa thanks all of them for helping her. Three devis smile. Santoshi Maa says I could not see my devotee’s sorrow, if you all did not protect me, anything would have happened. Devi Saraswati says that’s our duty. Devi Laxmi says we are doing out duty. Devi Parvati says we will leave now. Santoshi Maa greets them.

Santoshi tells Kaka that no one will have dinner tonight, Madhu

told Pushpa. Dhairya looks on. Kaka says I think they could not digest our win, I will dine with my bahu. Dhairya claps and says great Santoshi, you showed real miracle today. She says leave it, I don’t want to argue. He says fine, I will argue, get the Prasad, I want to eat that Prasad, to see whether I change or not. She goes and gets Prasad. He eats it and says its good, whats use if I don’t change. She says I did not give you Prasad to make you change or make you believe Santoshi Maa, I gave you as you asked for this, I m sure one day Santoshi Maa will bless you.

He turns sweet to her. Music plays……….. He holds her hand and she gets surprised. He says I should not get angry on you and holds her. Dil ka ye kya raaz hai…… plays………. He says afterall you are my wife. He pushes her away and laughs. He says miracle happened, I changed, your Santoshi Maa Prasad can’t change me, I hate you, be away. She says if change happened in one day, world would be not like this, I don’t expect anything from you, I know when you know meaning of true devotion, you will change, I request you not to make hurdles in other’s devotion. He says you started lecture. She says I m trying to say a small truth. He says I m not interested and don’t have time to listen this, do your work. He goes. She thinks I believe you will walk on my path and preach Santoshi Maa.

Guddu sings song and comes downstairs. He gets shocked seeing inspector. He tries to run and inspector stops him. Guddu says I m innocent, I did not do anything. Daksha and Madhuri serve breakfast to inspector. Inspector likes food and says this is Guddu right, he got tall. Madhuri asks Guddu to touch inspector’s feet. Guddu touches feet and says I have work, I have to go. Inspector stops him.

He asks why do they look worried, why did they call him here. Daksha says Santoshi is our daughter, we had to talk about her, her fate is bad, she lost parents in childhood, she got married in Lucknow house and works a lot, her inlaws beat her. Madhuri says we got proof, you write report, you can get justice for Santoshi. He says fine, but it will take time, file report in Lucknow to hurry process. Madhuri asks him to write report. He says there are many changes here, tell me whats my use in this. Daksha says they are rich people, you can get your share. He agrees to do the duty and help them. He says I don’t want money, I want something else. Madhuri asks what do you want. He says I want Guddu for my daughter. They get shocked.

Daksha laughs and says this is our good luck, that your daughter becomes our bahu. He says then your work will be done, send proof, I will go and come again to have food. Daksha says you are welcome. He leaves. Madhuri and Guddu argue with Daksha. Daksha calls him foolish and says if I said, what happened, once we get money, then we will think of some solution. He says if there is no solution, you will fix me, if anything happens, inspector will put me in jail.

Narad comes to Devi Paulmi and says everyone say that someone has laid trap for Devi Santoshi. She asks him not to say without any proof. He says I m Devrishi, I know truth, the idea of becoming fish and getting water from Brahmadev’s kamandal was good, I knew whose idea it was. She asks are you blaming me. He says anyone can be blamed. She says true, blame is proved by evidence. He says you said true, but it can’t be that anyone can be proved innocent without evidence, you are talking like humans, everyone has to answer Lord, this rule is not just for humans, its for Devis and Devtas too, we get fruit or punishment for our deeds here, maybe other Devtas did not see what you did, but your punishment got decided, you will get it when time comes, tell me how will you get saved by it. She says you are crossing your limits. He smiles and goes. She says I m Devi Paulmi, Devraj Indra’s wife, I m not scared of any Devrishi, who has power to punish me.

Inspector comes to arrest Dhairya and family. They all get shocked. He says I have come to arrest you all and take you to jail. Pratap asks what are you saying, I will call commissioner, you talk to him. inspector says calling will be waste, I m not from this city station, commissioner will not know me, first come to police station. Madhu gets angry and asks what did we do, Ujwal see this matter. Dhairya stops Ujwal and says I will handle them. Inspector asks him to grow up first. Pratap says talk with manners, you don’t know where did you come. Inspector says you will forget all this when I say the charges. Ujwal asks what. Inspector says you all have charge of torturing a woman. They get shocked

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