Santoshi Maa 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu acting to cry and inviting Santoshi in party. Santoshi says I will talk to Dhairya. Madhu thanks her and ends call. Santoshi says Dhairya won’t agree. Madhu says I know Santoshi won’t lose, she will get Dhairya, I hope Ankur made some great plan. Seshnath and Madhuri think what is the matter. Daksha says its good that Dhairya is not here. Seshnath says yes, that’s why we are able to enjoy. Dhairya tells Santoshi that he ordered the jewelry, it will be delivered. She asks why are you worried. He says I m missing mum and dad, they would be glad seeing my success. She says yes, I remember they blessed us and said our situation changes soon. She thinks to take Dhairya to his old life. She asks him to have breakfast, this is mini party from my side. He says great. She

says someone else wants to do party too, Madhu called. He gets shocked and says why did she call you. She says Madhu is happy for your success and invited us, we will go for some time and come. He says you want to go there. She says what happens if we agree to elders, we won’t become small, even if relations get distant, they don’t break. He says I will come if you say, how do you manage so much. She says I m your wife.

The guests come in the party. Dhairya and Santoshi come. Guddu serves wine to Sweety. Ankur and Madhu smile. Dhairya says I feel strange today. Santoshi says it happens, it needs time to join broken relations, let few days and then see, everything will be like before. Pratap serves drinks. Madhu asks Ankur what did you plan, tell me. Ankur says just wait and watch, just enjoy the party. Madhu smiles.

Ankur looks at Dhairya and Santoshi. He sends message to Paras. Pratap has a gun and aims at Madhu. Ujwal sees him and says idea is great, don’t fail this time. Pratap says I m nervous, you are making me conscious, go from here. Santoshi recalls the moment spent in this house. Some ladies come between and Pratap stops. Ankur takes the tray and sends Pratap to get starters. Pratap says give me tray. Ankur says I will give to someone else. He gives tray to other servant, and gun is stuck to her. Pratap asks for tray. Ankur says some waiter took it, go, I have other work, attend guests.

Ankur says this party is for Dhairya’s success, lets give him a big round of applause. He asks Dhairya to cut the cake. Paras comes and shouts stop. Dhairya says Paras here….Paras tells Dhairya that he got ruined, how will he pay loan now. Dhairya asks what do you mean. Paras says big order got cancelled, I have come on road, my company is ruined. Dhairya and Santoshi get shocked. Ankur and Madhu smile. Dhairya says I m not understanding. Paras asks him to check mail. Dhairya gets shocked reading the mail of deal cancellation. He gets shocked. Paras says this is result of your overconfidence, I kept home and office mortgaged by trusting you, I m ruined now. Dhairya asks how can this happen. Ankur says one who like to fly in air in speed fall down. Madhu says we kept party for your success, we did not know you are still beggar, you were dancing like you won a war, now I think you lost everything.

Ankur says Madhu said right, Dhairya is useless and will always be, so see he lost everything and came here to party. Santoshi says Madhu called us here. Madhu says yes, I called to celebrate Dhairya’s success, we did not know he will ruin others by his foolishness. Dhairya gets angry and says talk to Santoshi well, she is my wife. Madhu says I forgot you made your wife get on head. Paras says stop this family drama, my mind is not working here, you all are saying nonsense, meet me at office tomorrow, I will see you there. He goes. Santoshi takes Dhairya and leaves. Madhu says I will go and rest. She goes.

Gaumata says mata you said right, Dhairya will have to bear result of his foolishness, will he get out of this problem. Santoshi Maa says struggle makes a person sharper. Pratap looks for the gun tray. Ujwal shows Pushpa taking it to Madhu’s room. He worries. Dharya and Santoshi come home. Dhairya gets angry. Santoshi asks him not to get angry, have water. He says I was big fool to get big order, its my mistake. Santoshi says if good time does not stay, even bad time won’t stay, think how to help Paras.

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    Well the serial that started out with great potential has sunk into the depths of utter nonsense. I do not understand the business method employed in India, but in the rest of the real world no company would accept a large order without the signing of a contract. Further more the manufacture of Solar Panels is a complex process and that the manufacturer would want to visit the site for assessment and suitably. However, in India one can simply send a text message and pay a very small deposit and place an order for millions of Rupees and the owner just simply accepts this. What a load of codswallop!! the Director and Producers of the serial should take a large dose of reality and write scripts that will slightly resemble the real business world. The show is becoming very disappointing and insulting to the viewers’ intellect.

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