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Santoshi Maa 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhairya’s car not starting. His hand gets cut while checking engine. Santoshi ties the cloth. Dhairya removes it and says it can catch infection. Madhu looks on. Riya says we will leave, we will take bandage on the way. Madhu sees his wound and asks how did he get hurt. Riya thinks Madhu is showing fake love and asks her not to worry, its small wound. Dhairya and Riya leave.

Madhu scolds Santoshi and says if you stay same, Riya will kick you out of this house. Santoshi says I think I m coming between Riya and Dhairya. Madhu takes her inside home and tells Kaka and Kaki to see what is Santoshi saying. She says Santoshi has to work hard and win Dhairya’s heart. Santoshi says love can’t be got this way, Riya has come here, I m not needed here, if I did not come here,

Dhairya and Riya would have been living happily. Nupur thinks if everyone take Santoshi’s side, it will be problem. Devi Paulmi asks her not to worry, its part of her plan, Madhu got to know that you are helping Riya. Nupur worries. Devi Paulmi says be careful, I will help you. Santoshi Maa goes to three Devis and says Devi Paulmi is making the humans more greedy and jealous. Devi Saraswati says if we three devis request Brahmadev, will he refuse to our proposal.

Santoshi tells Kaka and Kaki that she loves them, wherever she goes, their love will give her courage, I don’t want to stay here. Vidya says we like you, not Riya. Santoshi says Dhairya does not like me, I can become bahu, not his wife. She recalls Dhairya’s words. She says that’s why I decided I will leave from here in morning.

Its morning, Santoshi tells Santoshi Maa that she is leaving from here, if she has no place in husband’s heart, what will she do here, she will not stay in this relation. Pushpa comes and says Seshnath has come, he is waiting for you. Santoshi says I will just come. Narad asks Santoshi Maa to do something soon. Santoshi Maa says we should not worry so soon, Brahmadev said he can’t do anything as Devi Paulmi is doing bad things in human avatar, time decides punishment.

Seshnath waits for Santoshi. He sees Devi Paulmi and smiles. He imagines dancing with her on the song Kaante nahi katte ye ….. Devi Paulmi thinks Seshnath can reveal her secret. He says I think Lord wants us to meet, I did not get chance to serve you, I think you should hire me as your PA. He thinks to be close to her. She says I will think, you don’t tell anyone I was at your home, it will spoil my image. He agrees. She goes.

Santoshi comes crying and hugs Seshnath. She says I don’t want to stay here now. He gets glad and says I came to take you, its not good to stay where you don’t have any respect. Riya tells Dhairya that her tea has no sugar. He says fine and calls Pushpa. She says you go and get sugar for me. He agrees and says I will get moon for you, I will just come. She thanks him. Riya says I can’t talk to my mom, it can be risky to talk here, Dhairya can hear. Kaka and Kaki are worried for Santoshi.

She says Santoshi did a lot for us. He says yes, but we can’t stop her, we can make a try, maybe she will stop. He takes her outside. Dhairya goes downstairs and scolds Pushpa asking her to get sugar. Seshnath tells Dhairya that he has convinced Santoshi, though it was very tough. Dhairya says its good. Seshnath asks for money. Dhairya says you will get it in your account. Kaka and Kaki come there and ask Seshnath you here. Seshnath says I have come to take Santoshi. Kaka says she won’t go anywhere. Seshnath says Dhairya is not stopping her, and Santoshi does not want to stay here, so we can’t do anything in this matter.

Dhairya insults Santoshi. Seshnath asks Santoshi to come. Santoshi says now Riya will leave from here. Madhu smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is Dhairya starting to see Santoshi in a different light? It would be really nice to see Dhairya have a change of heart and treat Santoshi well.

  2. Totally agree with you….

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