Santoshi Maa 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daksha telling Santoshi to get ready, they are going to Dhairya’s house as he filled her maang. Dadi asks Daksha what are you saying. Daksha says Santoshi is married now, she stayed with us since childhood, we will not be hurt if she stays here, we are glad she is earning, we are not so bad to come across her happiness. She says I m your Taai, I will not give wrong advice, people talk when married girl stays in Maayka, Bittoo is here also, if you stay here, they will question about Bittoo, now you are Dhairya’s wife, will you not do your duty in inlaws.

Santoshi says I know the sindoor value, Dhairya filled sindoor in anger. Daksha asks whose loss is it. Dadi says Daksha is right, Santoshi you are bahu of that house, we will talk to Madhu. Santoshi says I can’t

go there, don’t know what will happen. I will apply sindoor without any hope. Daksha says two lives begin with sindoor, you left Sanketh for this sindoor, will you not fight for it, make Dhairya realize the sindoor value. Santoshi says I don’t think Dhairya will realize this, I will bear it. Daksha says why, we all will get your rights, we will come there and explain them. Madhuri hears Daksha and thinks what is Daksha doing today.

Daksha thinks Santoshi is not agreeing. She tells Santoshi that if you sit at home, Bittoo will not get proposals. Dadi asks Santoshi to agree, else you have to erase your sindoor. Daksha says Amma is right, even if Dhairya did not fill sindoor by his wish, we will do your bidaai by all rituals.

Dhairya leaves from home, while Madhu tries to stop him. She thinks where did he go, he did not talk to me at night, I don’t know about that red color. Seshnath stops Dhairya and says I came to do your good. He says your arrow has hit target. Dhairya asks what do you mean, don’t act smart. Seshnath says how to give news without money. Dhairya says I know you people well and gives him money bundle. Seshnath says you are smart. Dhairya says you are fool, tell me. Seshnath says Sanketh went back with baraat, I have seen it, Santoshi broke down, marriage did not happen.

Dhairya says I knew this, my revenge is fulfilled, what will happen of Santoshi now, she will understand how it feels to break relation, she will not get Santosh anywhere now. He leaves. Seshnath says Jai Santoshi Maiyya, bless me for my earnings. Daksha sings song and is happy. Madhuri asks what are you doing, I know everything. Daksha tells about Madhu’s slap, now they will take revenge, they got this chance to do Santoshi’s bidaai. She tells her plan and they smile.

Gaumata says Dhairya disturbed Santoshi’s life and now her family is after her, what will happen to Santoshi. Santoshi Mata shows some fishes and says courageous person has no word like difficulty, see those fishes, the way they struggle for life, Santoshi also knows to struggle. Gaumata asks what does she mean.

A bee troubles Madhu. The tea falls and she scolds Pushpa for getting burnt toast. She asks her to call Santoshi. Pushpa says where to call, she got married. Kaka says no need to call Santoshi and gets juice. He says Santoshi got married yesterday, let her spend time with family.

Madhu says we will call Santoshi, Dhairya’s marriage broke because of her. Kaka warns her of Lord seeing her. Pushpa gets a call and is shocked. Madhu asks what happened. They hear dhol. Daksha gets Santoshi in doli, along with the family. The guard stops them. Daksha says we will see who stops us. Santoshi worries. The neighbors also come with them. Daksha says we will break the gate. The man says open the gate, we will not let this happen with our village girl.

Seshnath sees this and gets shocked. He thinks what are they doing here. Madhuri tells him the plan. Seshnath smiles and says come. Seshnath asks guard to open the door. Pushpa sees them and runs to tell Madhu. They all get inside the house and bring doli. Pushpa tells about Santoshi’s family coming with some people.

Madhu gets shocked seeing all of them. Daksha greets Madhu and says we got your devrani, your devar married and came alone, so we got bride with mahurat. All family members come there. Pratap asks who are they, whats happening Madhu, whose doli is this. Madhuri says Dhairya’s wife is inside doli. They all get shocked.

Santoshi tells them its true Dhairya filled sindoor in my hairline. Pratap asks Dhairya is this true. Dhairya says yes, I did that, scores are even now. Daksha says marriage does not break by filling sindoor in maang, relations are made. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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