Santoshi Maa 10th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi saying I feel this is a dram, I did not think our relation will get beautiful like this. She asks her to have food. He asks what did you make, you always make my fav food, I will come back and have food, I will drop you on the way, come. Killer asks Madhu to send Santoshi out. Madhu says she is going out, Dhairya is with her, be careful. He says I don’t care, and loads the gun.

Killer aims the gun at Santoshi. Dhairya holds Santoshi’s hand and takes her. She smiles. Tere bina……plays………….. He says its hot, I don’t have habit to go by walk. He leaves her hand. He says I felt you will have trouble to cross road. She says its fine, you can hold my hand. They smile.

Santoshi tells Dhairya that she will do the work. Dhairya and Santoshi walk

ahead. The killer follows them. They reach the Xerox centre. He asks her to take Xerox, till then he will go to bank. He shows the papers and tells the number of copies. He asks her to wait here and take care. She smiles.

Janardhan comes home and sees Daksha and Madhuri cutting vegs. Madhuri gets angry seeing Guddu washing Sharmili’s clothes. Madhuri argues with Daksha. Janardhan asks them to be quiet and calls Dadi and Seshnath. He asks Seshnath to see the women arguing. Dadi asks them not to fight. Tinu tells Dadi that he will make her talk to Santoshi. Santoshi checks Dhairya’s phone ringing and answers the call. Dadi talks to her, and says I called your inlaws, I got to know you went out with Dhairya. Killer aims at Santoshi. Santoshi says I m fine, Dhairya changed a lot and talks to me well, he takes care of me. Dadi asks her to stay happy.

Santoshi Maa asks Gaumata not to worry, and wait, I will do something to make you free of worry. Santoshi tells Dadi that she will talk later and ends call. Killer says this time my aim will not miss, else it will be problem for me. The bee troubles the killer. Santoshi Maa saves Santoshi when the killer shoots at her. Santoshi gets shocked seeing the killer there. She runs from there. The killer runs after her. Santoshi hides behind the car and says who is this man, why does he want to kill me, I have Dhairya’s phone, how to tell him. Her phone rings. Killer hears the ring and looks around. Dhairya calls Santoshi from PCO, and thinks his bank work is over, why is Santoshi not answering, did she leave my phone at Xerox shop.

Killer gets Santoshi. The insect sees Santoshi’s fate page and starts wiping it. Dhairya thinks to go to Xerox shop and see Santoshi, maybe the phone is silent. Killer loads gun to shoot Santoshi. Gaumata asks Santoshi Maa why is she not helping Santoshi. She says if I help them in every work, how will they learn to fight, Santoshi’s age is long by her good deeds, nothing can happen to her, she does not need anyone’s help.

Santoshi takes some soil and prays to Santoshi Maa for help. She throws the soil on the man’s face, and runs. Dhairya sees the Xerox shop closed, and sees all the market place vacant. He worries for Santoshi. The insect thinks I have wiped all the page, and should leave from here now, my work is over. Dhairya sees Santoshi and shouts I got something for you. He shows icecreams. She smiles seeing him, and runs to him. She gets hit by the truck. Dhairya gets shocked. Santoshi Maa and Gaumata get shocked too. Dhairya shouts Santoshi, and runs to her. He lifts her and rushes to hospital.

Devi Paulmi laughs and says Santoshi Maa can’t do anything now. Gaumata asks what did this happen. Santoshi Maa says even I can’t understand this.

Kaki tells Kaka that Santoshi cooks so well, I wish she takes part in cookery competition. Kaka worries that Santoshi and Dhairya did not come back till now. Madhu hears them and thinks now don’t wait for Santoshi, the killer would have killed Santoshi. Dhairya calls Kaka and tells about Santoshi’s accident, asking him to come to city hospital fast. Kaka gets shocked and tells this to Kaki. Kaki cries. Madhu looks on and thinks how did Santoshi meet with an accident. Dadi gets a call and gets to know about Santoshi’s accident. Dadi gets shocked and cries. She tells everyone about Santoshi’s accident. Seshnath says she is a problem. Sharmili consoles Dadi. Dhairya sends Santoshi for her operation and waits outside OT. He cries.

Poonam Dhillon welcomes everyone in the show. She tells about Santoshi Maa’s facts and stories. She says Devi Saraswati, Parvati and Laxmi made Devi Santoshi to get satisfaction on the world.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Santoshi looked beautiful running from the killer.

  2. Hope she gets saved.


    Y don’t you write precap??? Though they show everyday in evening and in morning…

  4. Poor Santoshi! So lovely to see Dharyia develop feelings for Santoshi and being so kind to her. However, I do find it frustrating that Goddess Poulmi always get away with her bad intentions and never really suffer the consequence of her bad deeds. She is so bad, why is her powers not stripped away? Why was it returned before she even fulfilled time when she did the crime? Secondly, she caused havoc whilst being on Earthling plane and yet, she went unpunished? Do Lord Shiva not know? Surely he can see through her motives and not be easily persuaded to eat the fruits? I can’t see Santoshi dying, otherwise they will lose a main character. However, Santoshi maa may seek help from her elders and ask why has Santoshi suffered this fate? Hopefully this will lead them to check the books and all will be revealed that Poulimi is behind it.

    1. What I don’t understand is if they are gods why can’t they see what’s going on around them. Plus why they have so many gods?

      1. Hi Alisha,
        Yes I agree, goddess poulimi does so many bad deeds and even her grandfather failed to see her motives when she tried to delay him returning the office. I can understand each the number of gods, each have their duties and role to fulfill, but a god filled with jealously and anger?

  5. If anyone wants to know the preview of 13 June here it is :
    The doctors are trying to save Santoshi then it shows that one of the Doctor came out and told to Dhairya and kaka kaki that sorry they could not save Santoshi and they are shocked

  6. I want to know whether in reality, If there was any animosity between devi santoshi and devi poulomi? because in this serial they are trying show that those who are devotee of devi santoshi they will suffer and bear punishment due to the bad intentions of devi poulomi. More frustrating is that she did not get any punishment for bad deeds on earth and lord Shiva returned her powers.

  7. Right, bt i read somewhere that santoshi maa will save santoshi from dying …

    Y don’t poulmi realises that shes a devi her wrk is to SAVE PEOPLE not to KILL PEOPLE as shes a devi btw guys keep watching santoshi maa…..

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