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Santoshi Maa 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhairya tells Trishna if she wasn’t there, then don’t know what he would have done to Kaka. Trishna says she didn’t know his father is problematic as well like his mother. Dhairya says he will see all of them later, but for now he wants to get rid off Santoshi. Trishna says she messaged the lawyer for new divorce papers. Dhairya says how he will make Santoshi sign again. She says him not to worry, she will sign.

Parvati is getting worried seeing Santoshi maa. Gaumata says both maa and Santoshi are going through difficult time. If Mahadev doesn’t do anything soon, then don’t know what will happen to Santoshi Maa. Soon, Mahadev declares that Santoshi maa succeeded in her tapasya and he returns her powers to her. Santoshi maa comes out of Tapasya and quickly recaps

what happened with Santoshi. She says this was unfair with Santoshi and she will help her. Mahadev praises Santoshi Maa to Parvati.

Santoshi is just sitting at one place without eating anything. Dadi goes to give her food and divert her mind. Just then a lawyer comes in with divorce summon from Dhairya. Her family members tell her not to sign the summon as that would mean she gave up. Santoshi says there is nothing left in their relationship now. Bhabhi tells her to re-think as living alone is difficult. Santoshi is determined to give divorce if that is what will make Dhairya happy. Chachi asks her to ask for alimony at least. Sanothi says in her mind what she will do with money when she isn’t going to live.

Later, Santoshi is outside. She hears a boy crying and his mum not paying any attention. She goes to help the boy. The boy’s mum calls a thief. Santoshi she was just helping him. The woman tells her to stay away from his child. She couldn’t take care of her own child and killed him. She has no right to live. Santoshi thinks the woman is right. Later we see Trishna giving money to the woman.. it was her plan.

Santoshi recalls recent events and decided to commit suicide. Gaumata goes to inform this to Santoshi Maa, but she can’t find her. Poulomi Maa is happy as everything is going in her favour without her even doing anything. She says now no one will believe in Santoshi Maa when her devotee commits suicide and laughs.

Precap: Santoshi jumping in the water.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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