Santoshi Maa 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gaumata saying Devi Paulmi is burning in anger. Santoshi Maa says anger is harmful. Santoshi says Kaka, I have to make Dhairya wear the divyasutra. Kaka says don’t worry, it will be in his neck till evening. Dhairya and Kmini come home from hospital. Trishna asks how are you now. Dhairya says don’t worry, she was tired and fainted. Trishna thinks something is wrong. Kaka asks how is Kamini. Dhairya says she is fine, doctor gave medicines. Kamini asks for tea. Trishna says I will get it.

Kamini says no need, Santoshi get the tea. Trishna gets shocked. Santoshi goes. Dhairya thinks Kamini told Santoshi as she is maid. He says Trishna I was thinking to go out since some days for a change. Trishna thinks mom and I wanted this, great, situation is fine. Santoshi signs

Kaka. Dhairya says Kamini will get fine, we will go tomorrow. Trishna says sure.

Kamini says no need to go out, before marriage, guy and girl being together does not look good. Kaka says she is right. He sees Santoshi and smiles. Santoshi thanks Santoshi Maa. Seshnath ties Madhuri, Daksha and Guddu. They apologize. Seshnath scolds them. Madhuri says I love you a lot, you are my life. Seshnath asks why did you want to take my life. Daksha says sorry, you are so smart. He says then have courage and make my Samadhi, it was nice idea, I m ready. Daksha asks are you ready to die. He says I won’t really die, someone else will die, I will change look and stay at home to have laddoo. Guddu says it will be cheating people. Seshnath slaps him and says I m not looting people, they are coming themselves, shut your mouth. He frees them and tells his plan. They get glad.

Trishna asks what are you doing, if you talk to Santoshi well, she will get courage, and it was your idea to send me and Dhairya out. Kamini says yes, but now idea changed, talk to elders with manners. Santoshi comes there and gives tea to Kamini. Kamini thanks her. Trishna thinks why is mom taking Santoshi’s side suddenly. Kamini likes the tea and compliments Santoshi.

Devi Paulmi says Santoshi did not do right by trapping my devotee, Santoshi has to bear the punishment. Gaumata says we were hurt seeing Santoshi and Kaka in trap, today Devi Paulmi will be experiencing same. Santoshi Maa says Devi Paulmi will make plan according to her nature, before that we have to make Santoshi away from her devotees. Santoshi says I will make tea for you whenever you want, I will go now. She goes. Trishna asks Kamini why is she behaving like this, you came to help me and you helped, did Santoshi do magic on you, tell me. Kamini rests. Trishna says answer me and goes to hold her hand. Kamini opens eyes. Trishna thinks so much change in mom, I have to leave before Dhairya gets a change.

Kaka and Santoshi arrange Dhairya’s room. Kaka puts thread in pillow cover. Trishna goes to talk to Dhairya. He asks her to come to his room. She thinks to convince Dhairya today, delaying can be dangerous. Santoshi says its matter of one night, then Dhairya will be like before. Devi Paulmi says this can fail my plan. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi is using divya thread well, but Devi Paulmi will not accept failure. Dhairya asks Santoshi what is she doing here. Kaka says bedsheet had to be changed, so I told Santoshi. Santoshi goes. Trishna thinks they did something here. She says Papa I want to talk to Dhairya in private, will you excuse us. Kaka says yes and goes.

Dhairya asks Trishna what was she saying. She says I wanted to go out. Devi Paulmi says Trishna should stop Dhairya from touching the thread. Dhairya says its good plan, but we have to convince mummy. She says I will convince her, I want to go soon, else plan will postpone. Devi Paulmi laughs and says great, take him away from Santoshi.

Dhairya says I will freshen up and come. Trishna thinks once Dhairya comes with me, he will never come back to Santoshi.

Santoshi worries and waits for Trishna. They see Dhairya and Trishna leaving. Dhairya says we are going Banaras. Kaka asks what, when will you come back. Trishna says after work ends, it maybe 6 days or 6 months. Dhairya and Trishna leave.

Kaka says Trishna will not get him back soon. Santoshi says I have to way to stop them. She runs to Kamini and says Trishna is going out with Dhairya. Kamini says they went after I refused, I will see. Kamini stops Trishna and asks where are you going. Trishna says I will come in some time. Kamini says I have to tell something. Dhairya says talk to her, maybe its imp.

Kaka says you want to stop Trishna by using Kamini. Santoshi says yes, she did many sins, why not give her chance to repent. He jokes on her smartness. They go out to see. Kamini says I stopped you from going. Trishna says its imp to leave with Dhairya. Kamini says if I tell Dhairya your real identity and our relation, he will kick you out of this house, go inside. Trishna stares at her and thinks if I argue now, matter can get worse. Trishna asks Dhairya to come. He asks what happened. Trishna says we will go later. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi is trying to use my devotee against me, I will take revenge later, I have to stop Dhairya from getting in contact with the thread. Gaumata says now Dhairya has no option, he has to go to room. Santoshi Maa says I m waiting for that. Trishna thinks what to tell Dhairya. Dhairya asks what’s wrong with you.

She says I think Santoshi did something on mom, I m scared for her. He says I will teach lesson to Santoshi. She says let it be, you must be tired, sleep now. Devi Paulmi says foolish Trishna creating problem, I have to interfere now. He asks Trishna to go.

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