Santoshi Maa 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushpa saying Madhu about Dhairya’s clothes which Riya selected for his trip. Madhu thinks and asks her to take it. Pushpa keeps clothes and goes. Madhu sees the clothes and thinks Riya will dominate Dhairya, see how I ruin this trip plan. Daksha makes laddoos and shows Dadi. Seshnath and Madhuri get jealous. Daksha says I made laddoos as Tinu came back safe. Dadi says my other son is worried and I can’t eat sweets. Madhuri and Daksha argue. Seshnath says our time will also come. Daksha taunts him. Daksha goes out to give laddoos. Dadi says when will Lord give sense to Daksha.

Dhairya comes to room and says I will do my packing fast and then leave. He finds all his clothes wet and shouts Pushpa. Madhu comes and asks what happened. Dhairya says I told Pushpa to

iron my clothes, how are these wet. Madhu asks Pushpa about it. Pushpa says I did not keep wet clothes. He asks is there any rain or water leakage, how will I calm down, Riya selected these clothes, she will get upset. Nupur says you punished Santoshi and she took revenge. Madhu thinks its good that they are doubting Santoshi, and says such cheap mindset. Dhairya shouts Santoshi. She gets the juice glass and gets tensed seeing his anger. Everyone come out there.

Pratap says I m thinking this house a theatre, every day new drama, what happened today. Madhu stops him. Dhairya scolds Santoshi for drenching his clothes. Santoshi asks which clothes, why will I do this. Madhu asks who else will do this, Santoshi wants to take revenge. Nupur says she thinks we won’t know. Ujwal says we should be away from poor people. Kaka scolds them and says you all need a chance to taunt Santoshi. Pratap asks him to manage Maa. Kaka scolds him. Dhairya says Santoshi made Papa on her side, we always argue since she came.

Santoshi asks Dhairya not to say anything to Kaka, I did not do anything. Devi Paulmi comes there and says Santoshi Mata bhakt, they are your enemies and won’t believe you, I get happy when they punish you. Santoshi says I went in room to get plate, but I did not put water on clothes. Devi Paulmi says they won’t believe you. Kaka asks Dhairya to wear any other clothes, do you have proof that Santoshi did this. Pratap asks Dhairya to wear anything. Madhu says Riya will feel bad, she selected those clothes. She asks Dhairya to go tomorrow. Kaka asks Dhairya to understand. Devi Paulmi gets angry on Kaka, and gets inside Dhairya. Santoshi says give me the wet clothes, I will dry it. Dhairya says you have put water on it, and then trying to dry it, I m not fool to get silent seeing everything. Nupur asks which language is this. Ujwal says we did not know Dhairya can speak hard hindi, he used to get low scores. Pratap says right. Dhairya says you will be punished, you will now result of acting clever. Kaka asks Dhairya to stop. He moves towards her and Santoshi gets to the edge. Devi Paulmi gets out of him. Santoshi asks Dhairya to believe it, she did not do anything. He says shut up, go from here and pushes her. Santoshi holds the flowers and Devi Paulmi makes her fall down. Everyone get shocked.

Santoshi falls down over the stairs. Santoshi Mata and Gaumata look on. Santoshi gets injured and faints. Devi Paumi smiles. Kaka shouts Santoshi. Mata says Devi Paulmi, this did not happen right with Santoshi. Kaka runs to Santoshi. Dhairya says I just pushed light, I don’t know how she fell, I will see. Madhu asks him to go to room. He says she fell because of me and got hurt. Madhu says you did not do anything, she slipped and fell. Nupur says yes, I saw and takes Dhairya. Kaka asks Santoshi to open eyes. Devi Paulmi says foolish human, your anger made you do this, I just supported you, which is my duty. Kaka asks them to call ambulance.

Pratap asks Ujwal did anything happen to her. Ujwal checks her pulse and says don’t know. Kaka says anger is not good, it was small thing. Madhu says it was not intentional, I mean we should not talk now, we should take her to hospital, if anything happens, we all will be caught. Pushpa says ambulance would come soon. Ujwal says I will take her out. Pratap says I will come too, if anything happens to her, Dhairya… Madhu says call Sanketh and send him, we should go to Dhairya, he needs us. Dhairya worries. Ujwal says its good ambulance came. Madhu asks Dhairya not to worry, you did not do anything, we all have seen Santoshi slipped on her own. Nupur says you are right, no one falls by light push. Ujwal says we don’t need to worry, she will be fine. Pratap says yes, we all are with Dhairya, I will call Sanketh, I forgot my phone in room, I will go. Madhu signs him. Pratap gives his personal credit card and says enjoy yourself Dhairya.

Dhairya thanks him. Pratap goes. Madhu says don’t worry, prepare for trip. Dhairya says but clothes are still wet. Madhu says buy clothes, don’t get late, else Riya will be annoyed. Dhairya thanks her and calls her world’s best Maabhi. Madhu says Santoshi gave me good chance, sorry to do this Dhairya. She calls police station and says I have to give some news. Kaka asks nurse about Santoshi. Nurse says her treatment is going on, we can’t say anything. Santoshi gets treated. Mata looks on and says I m sad seeing Santoshi’s state, I can’t help you without getting a call, I m helpless infront of Brahmadev’s command.

Santoshi gets serious. Kaka and Sanketh pray for her. Devi Paulmi smiles and says Santoshi’s death is destined today. Santoshi takes Santoshi Mata’s name.

Update Credit to: Amena

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