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Santoshi Maa 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daksha giving a long list of ration to Santoshi. Dadi says Santoshi won’t get anything. Santoshi says its fine, I will get it, learning household work is also necessary. After 10 years, Santoshi is seen taking ration of the month. She takes heavy ration bags on the cycle. Daksha gets ready and the house is decorated. A girl collides with Daksha. Daksha looks for the hairpin. Janardhan comes. She says Santoshi did not come till now. Janardha says you sent her with monthly ration list, she will get late to come. Santoshi’s cycle falls down. Shen also falls and her face is shown.

She takes all the ration bags on the cycle again. She comes home. Kaka helps her and asks her to go inside house, baraat will be coming. Santoshi tells Daksha that she got everything, and

gives the remaining money. Santoshi says she got everything and never does any mistake. Daksha says there is much work. Santoshi says I will do all the work. Daksha asks her to clean utensils. goes. Santoshi gives candies to Janardhan and smiles.

Santoshi washes the utensils. Madhvi shows her necklace to Daksha and says Seshnath always brings something for me. Daksha says all men are such, Janardhan also gets things for me. She sees her hair pin in Madhvi’s hair and takes it. They argue. The snatch it and the necklace breaks in their fight. Daksha asks Santoshi to pick pearls. Madhvi says you broke my necklace Daksha and scolds her. She asks Daksha to join her necklace. Daksha says go to hell and laughs. Madhvi asks Santoshi to make necklace of pearls and give her. Santoshi picks pearls and nods.

Daksha asks Janardhan to get ready. She is unable to fix hairpin and goes out. Santoshi gives the pearls. Madhvi asks Santoshi to do her work. Daksha asks Santoshi to not go, and wash utensils. Madhvi goes. Guddu asks Santoshi who has out curd in my shoes. He shows it to Madhvi. Madhvi asks him to call mom, not Amma. She scolds him and goes. He says everyone insults me here, and asks Santoshi. She says I don’t know. He asks what she does at home then. She counts all the work she does. He asks her to shine his shoes. She says shoe will get spoiled, you do yourself. He says my pressed clothes will get bad.

Tinu comes and Santoshi says Tinu will look her. Daksha asks Santoshi to make Tinu ready. Santoshi takes him. Guddu says my new shoe got spoiled. Dadi asks for her specs. He says that this old lady has to see now. She asks Guddu to find her specs. He asks what you see by specs. She says I can see something atleast. He sees her white saree and cleans his shoes with the white saree. Daksha gives the specs to Dadi and says you left it at water tank, take saree and change clothes, else we will get insulted. Daksha says Guddu manage things today. He says I won’t do any work. Janardhan says his kurta got stain, get new one. She argues and he says I will tell Bittoo to get new kurta. She says Bittoo went to parlor. Janardhan says so long, Santoshi did so much work. She scolds him and asks him not to compare Bittoo with Santoshi.

Bittoo comes home from beauty parlor. Santoshi asks Tinu to come fast, baraat will be coming. Bittoo asks her how do I look. Santoshi looks at her and smiles. She says you look film heroine, you look beautiful. Seshnath comes and says great, you look like a bride. Daksha comes and says baraat has come half way, Santoshi get ready, leave Tinu, I will see Tinu. Tinu says no, Santoshi Didi will make me ready. Daksha says Santoshi has to get ready also.

She asks Santoshi to take this makeup kit and Santoshi touches her feet. Santoshi goes to get ready. Daksha asks Tinu will he not get ready, its Santoshi’s marriage. Tinu says Bittoo said Santoshi will go after marriage, I will not let her go. Seshnath says girls are Paraya dhan, they have to go inlaws after marriage. Tinu says I will also go with Santoshi. Santoshi says fine, get ready first. She laughs.

Daksha sends Santoshi. She compliments Bittoo. Janardhan argues with Daksha. She scolds him and goes. The maid makes Santoshi ready and says strange family, there were no haldi ritual and made you all the work, they are getting ready more than the bride. Madhvi fixes the pin to Daksha’s hair. She says you look great. Daksha smiles and compliments her also. Dadi comes to Santoshi. Dadi smiles.

Madhvi asks Daksha whats this marriage matter, whose is that family, why are you hiding everything. Santoshi asks Dadi to get ready. Dadi says I m scared, something very bad is happening.

Three grooms come. The neighbor lady says they are three. Santoshi gets shocked. The neighbors ask how can a girl marry three grooms.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. for gods sake be original. from day 1 I could have written the script. the mother in law and granddaughter favourite line is ” is ok I will do it” fed up after the 3rd day

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